My Husband Texts His Female Coworker: My Husband Is Texting A Female Coworker

Emotional affairs in the workplace are very likely to happen because this is where a person spends at least 5 days in a week. He also works with people who have the same interests and passion with him. In fact, statistics show that the office is the number one place where affairs happen.

No one really has the intention to engage in an affair especially if that person really loves his or her spouse. But emotional infidelity strikes when you least expect it. Emotional affairs in the workplace usually start as a casual friendship or an acquaintance. You start talking more and more in the office or you are working together on a project. You share problems and secrets even if it involves your own marriages. Then you realize that your coworker completely understands what you are going through or is having the same ordeal. This is usually how emotional affairs start.

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If your husband is having emotional affairs in the workplace, you have to seriously consider your options. Do you think it is advisable to make him quit his job to save your marriage? Or risk it because you have no other sources of income? Divorce should only be an option in extreme cases such as if your husband has been cheating for a while and there is no more chance for him to change.

A good way to deal with emotional affair is to have marriage counseling. This might be expensive but you cannot put a price on a happy marriage. Every marriage problem is different from one another and this is where relationship experts come into place. You and your spouse will get the right help and advice from marriage counselors who deal with this problem almost every day.

Another helpful way to save your marriage is to avail online resources that specifically deal with emotional affairs in the workplace. These resources are created by counselors and psychologists that have a wide experience in solving infidelity. There are many books and online programs that you can instantly use but you must carefully choose the right one. These resources are good substitutes for counseling or an alternative if counseling didn't work for you.

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"We never fight," she tells me. "He treats me well, and is fair about finances. But I've long overstayed this marriage's welcome, and I want out."

I heard it from Maura, married to Maurice for 25 years, and waiting with bated breath for her youngest child to go away to school until she could leave.

Her circumstances may sound unusual, but they're not at all.

Dr. Paul Amato, sociologist at Penn State University, has researched divorce, as well as its impact on children. Here's a statistic from him that I find staggering: Around 55-60 percent of divorces occur in low-conflict marriages.

Dr. Amato calls these marriages "good enough" marriages, with the distinct implication that these relationships could be salvaged. So why would someone in a low-conflict marriage like this divorce? What unique problems do such partners that make their marriages seem untenable to them anymore?

There are, of course, a multiplicity of reasons that people leave marriages that seem 'good enough.' One interesting piece of research that might address this issue deals with relationships and self-building--and, to my delight, my son. Briefly, Eli (that's Dr. Finkel, of Northwestern University's psychology department) worked with his thesis advisor, Caryl Rusbolt on an international review of papers on the "Michelangelo Phenomenon."

Michelangelo said, famously, "Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it." So social psychologists took that idea and ran with it. A strong partner will see our ideal selves in the raw material that is our current presentation, and, by that partner's reaction to what s/he sees inside, encourage us to believe in and create that reality of our own best selves.

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And here's perhaps where low-conflict marriages like Maura's may grind to a screeching halt. The Michelangelo Phenomenon is not about supporting your partner, or treating him/her well. As Eli said in his interview with Northwestern University NewsCenter, "Even if partners treat us in perfectly loving, supportive ways, if the treatment is not consistent with the person we dream of becoming, we have to pay attention to those red flags," Finkel warned. "Is that the person you want to be married to 10 years down the road?"

So love and support simply aren't enough, this research tells us. Rather our spouse needs to be actively working with us to sculpt our idealized selves. And this may be a rather tricky row to hoe, since these dreams we have of our selves may not always jive with our spouses' senses of who we truly are. It seems it takes a personality artist to see what's hidden inside us-and not every one of us married someone of the timber of Michelangelo.

But even with that research firmly established and its premise gaining ground, let's ask a final question of those in low-conflict marriages. Even if they aren't being properly sculpted by their partner to be 'all that they can be,' are they right to divorce, given the hardships they--and their children--will face as divorced entities? I can't answer the question for any given individual, but I do believe there are valid opinions on both sides.

You may just feel you need to marry a sculptor-and feel your idealized self is shriveling inside your exterior of stone with your current spouse-and that may be what's missing inside your seemingly pleasant-enough marriage.

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It is not uncommon for a marriage to go through a difficult period. In fact every relationship, especially the one between a man and a woman is likely to go through a period when love seems to have evaporated and a feeling of hatred entered the relationship from nowhere and set in firmly. Every day, every meeting and every date becomes an occasion to quarrel and fight rather than an occasion to strengthen the bond of love. You seem to have lost all control, wondering what is happening and why it is happening. If conversation itself becomes an exchange of recriminations and expletives, how good can the sex life be? it may not even be in contemplation. Those pleasant moments of the past of being in bed with your partner will be only in your memory and perhaps, sometimes in your dreams. But every such memory will bring in only a feeling of bitterness rather than pleasantness.

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You wonder why things have come to such a pass. Perhaps, you feel that you feel that your partner is cheating you and is carrying on an affair with another. Or, your partner is suspecting you of infidelity and you are not even aware of it (the same way your partner may not be aware that you are suspecting him!) Or, probably, there is nothing wrong at all in the relationship and a lot of things have been imagined on either side leading to unfounded suspicions, unjustified recriminations and unintended hurting.

Whatever may be the reason for your present state of affairs, getting separated by seeking divorce cannot be the solution. Separation should be only the final step, after every attempt at reconciliation fails. Please remember that relationship is built up over a long time with a lot of efforts on both sides. You build a house using all your resources, planning every detail and after the beautiful house has come up, you want to demolish it because there are some cobwebs inside the house. Problems in relationship can be like cobwebs left uncleaned for a long time. Cleaning cobwebs is quite easy but you need to make an effort.

With some effort, it is possible to rekindle the feelings of love you had nurtured over a period.

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The other day, I got an email from a wife who asked me to help her communicate the right things in a letter that she was planning to write for her husband. They had been having problems and she wanted to tell him all the things that she never got to say because they were arguing all of the time. She wanted to make sure that the letter communicated how much she wanted to work things out and save the marriage, but she didn't want to grovel or sound needy and she certainly didn't want for the letter to make things worse.

I told her that a letter can be a decent idea some of the time, but typically when you get to the point where you have to write to your husband instead of speaking to him, then your actions are going to make a far greater difference than your words, especially if you've been saying the same things repeatedly without any real change. I will discuss this more in the following article.

Make Sure That The Letter Isn't Replacing Real Change And Real Action: If you're going to write a letter, make sure that you don't go on and on with things you've always been saying but haven't really followed through on. This is one way to ensure that your husband begins to tune you out and that the letters you write and the things that you say begin to fall on deaf ears because he's heard all of these promises before and yet here you both still are.

Basically, you want to communicate the fact that you are writing the letter because you want to be able to express yourself without getting emotional or getting off track. You want for him to know that you are committed to the marriage and want to make it better. Then, (and this is where a lot of people stop, but shouldn't,) you should tell him at least a little bit of your plan. If you remember nothing else, please remember that you should not make what's going to happen next sound like "work." Many people will outline how they want to "work" on their marriage and this is typically where the spouse will start to zone out, because this doesn't sound at all appealing.

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Instead, you should say that you want to laugh, have fun, and be lighthearted again. You want to enjoy one another and be a team. You want to offer them what every one wants in a spouse - to have a smile on their face because they feel loved, understood, and appreciated. Offer them this rather than "hard work" and an uphill battle, and you'll often get better results.

Never Make Promises In The "Working Things Out" Letter That You Really Can't Keep: Often people write that they are sorry and outline all of the ways that they are going to change. They make all sorts of promises which they are hoping will get their spouse's attention. The problem is that the promises often aren't unrealistic and when these things don't come to fruition, then you have resentment on top of the other issues. And the truth is, your spouse often begins to gloss over things that you've said a million times before. We often don't give them enough credit for paying attention the many times before this comes up and so we say it yet again. We don't realize that they've stopped paying attention long ago.

Speaking of the issues, you don't want to dwell on them. Your husband already knows what the problem is. You don't need to repeatedly remind him of it. You don't want him to finish the letter thinking "man, we have a lot of work to do and an uphill battle on our hands." You want for him to finish reading on a positive note. It doesn't hurt to make him laugh or make him smile so that he walks away feeling hopeful rather than hopeless.

Actions Always Trump Words When You Are Trying To Save Your Marriage: As women, we are often better communications than men. However, we often resort to the written page because we don't like to be interrupted and we want to have our say. We don't always want to watch his face or see his response as we make our point. So, a letter seems "safer" and more preferable.

However, you are much better off just doing what you know that you need to do whether than just telling him that you're going to do it. Often, he is not going to believe that any real change is going to happen, so the only way to convince him is to show him. Begin by just changing your own actions and behaviors. You don't even have to give him the heads up that you intend to do this. He will eventually notice all on his own. And, when he does, he will often be much more enthusiastic than he would be if you had explained the whole thing to him. He will likely be quite relieved that the transformation wasn't quite as labor intensive as he thought. The resistance often has to do more with the work that is required of him than his feelings for you. It's so important to make the process fun and appealing. He'll respond much better to promises of fun together and more laid back good times.

And often when he sees the transformation that happened without any huge sacrifices necessary from him, he will start to pitch in because the pay off is far better than he expected. He's getting more of what he wants without having to be dragged through the semantics of the whole thing.

In short, writing a letter can relieve some of the tension and can feel good. It may soothe some of the outstanding sticking points and give you a starting point, but it isn't likely to solve all of your problems or take the place of real action and real change.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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