My Husband Stopped Sleeping With Me: When Your Husband Stops Sleeping With You

Having a husband who doesn't kiss, touch and want you is one of the most painful experiences a woman can go through. A marriage is incomplete when it lacks physical intimacy.

No matter how good your marriage is, nothing makes you feel as loved and appreciated as a woman as when your husband touches and makes love to you. Thus, a wife feels sad, lonely and confused when she can't seem to figure out what's going on. Plus, your self esteem takes a dive and this affects your marriage too.

So read on to discover a secret about how to make your husband want you - so you can recreate some of the spark, magic and passion the two of you used to share...

One secret about knowing about how to make your husband want you, is to understand how sexual attraction between men and women happens. It happens when a man exudes strong masculine energy, and a woman exudes soft feminine energy. Opposites attract and both people are drawn to each other like magnets. Fireworks happen.

Think back to a time when the passion was strong in your marriage...

Do you notice how your husband used to do many things for you then? Do you notice how this made you feel cherished, loved and adored as a woman? This is because masculine energy is the energy of giving; while feminine energy is the energy of receiving. When your husband gave and you received, unknowingly, both of you played your masculine-feminine roles perfectly, and there was a magical balance in your relationship... which naturally led to sexual attraction.

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Unfortunately, after being married for some time (and especially after becoming a mother), a woman will tend to take on a more nurturing role in the relationship. Hence, you naturally start to do more and more things for your husband - because it's your way of showing you love and care for him.

However, your behaviour has unconsciously upset the balance of your masculine-feminine energies. Worst of all, if you nurture your husband too much, you start to remind him of somebody... his mom. And if he feels you're behaving like his mom, there's no way he can feel sexually attracted to you.

So how do you stop being so masculine and become more feminine - so your husband will want you?

Stop giving to him so much. Take a step back and start doing less things for him. Instead, use your time and energy to take good care of yourself. You can: exercise, dress up, have girls' night outs, buy new lingerie that you feel sexy in (not just what you think your husband will like), etc. The idea is to make yourself feel good about being a woman again.

Next, you need to draw out your husband's innate masculine side. Do this by noticing when he helps out around the house, and telling him you appreciate him for his help. Don't tell him he needs to behave more like a man (this hurts his feelings deeply). Give him some time. When your feminine energy becomes stronger within you, he will start to respond and want you more fiercely too.

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Many couples experience rainy weather in their relationship at one point or another in their lives.

This is very natural since there are a lot of aspects that can develop common relationship problems and disputes in between couples and sometimes, nobody wants to pave the way.

This is where most of the relationship issues begin, when both partners do not recognize their faults and imperfections, and both are attempting to point out that they are best and it is always the other who is incorrect.

Disputes should never be reason enough to end a relationship. There are still easy ways to heal a relationship and effective rekindling the old love.

Interact with your Partner

Interaction is among the most effective keys to complete a relationship rescue strategy.

Because increasingly more couples these days breakup without even acknowledging the real reason things go wrong, this must considered on the to-do list of how to fix the broken marriage.

That's why family counseling can open newer doors for seeing the light in repairing the relationship issues.

The Course in Miracles asks us to contemplate, "How much do you want salvation."

Partners need to talk things over and voice out their sides and open up their grudges prior to being far too late when things are getting rather out of hand.

Through interaction, both will have a clear image of exactly what is going on, why the conflict is happening, and exactly what relationship rescue approaches can be done to exceed this duration.

When to Keep Quiet

Silence could not be the best solution for a reliable relationship rescue, but it does contribute a lot so a relationship struggle doesn't worsen.

Frequently, when couples are having conflicts, they have the tendency to talk excessively and say things that can be hurtful, thus they disregard one of the most important parts of a relationship which is listening.

When to keep quiet and peaceful throughout a heated argument is something couples need to learn, because it's always best not to raise voices, yell at each other, and worse, resort to physical violence to silence the other.

When both are angry, they must let their heavy emotions subside first before speaking because typically, a mad person speaks even without sense and never takes any reason.

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Spend some Time Alone at Times

If communication and keeping silence did not work as part of the relationship rescue plan, having time to be alone could be a good thing to do for the meantime.

Conflicts have two impacts: one is to reinforce the relationship and two is to break the relationship.

If these disputes repeat in circles every day, the tendency is that both partners will be fed up, and thus the very first thing that concerns their mind as a solution is to end the relationship.

If both have some space for a while and try to reassess their sensations and recognize where their errors are, this can be avoided.

Give some Space

When he or she is not around, this can be a reliable common relationship problems solution due to the fact that in some cases individuals realize the importance of their partner.

These are some of the effective ways that couples can do in order to achieve an effective relationship rescue and rekindling the old love.

Both partners need to recognize that ending the relationship is not always a good path to take just to end a dispute, however rather follow these relationship rescue techniques to resolve them.

With all these things in mind, no matter what common relationship problems can be found in the relationship, both partners can get through these and make their relationship even stronger.

Finding Strength

Try to remember that unsettled arguments and disputes have a few effects, and one is to strengthen the relationship and open each other's eyes, and another is to end the relationship.

These are some of the efficient lessons that can be learned in family counseling, and what to address so that you may save your relationship.

Both partners need to realize that leaving the relationship is many times not the best solution to end a conflict, however instead follow these marriage tips to solve them.

With all these things in mind, no matter what common relationship problems creep in, both partners can get through these and make rekindling the old love even more powerful.

Try to look at the strong components for healing a love problem so that a wonderful relationship is lived.

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Marriage is always full of little surprises. Just when you think things are basically moving along at a steady pace and at an even keel, life has a way of shaking things up a bit.

Some of those little surprises that marriage can bring are quite pleasant, such as discovering a new activity that you can enjoy together, adding a new member to the family, or learning something interesting about your spouse that you didn't know before.

Unfortunately, other changes that can crop up in a marriage can be not so pleasant. One glaring example is when your husband's old girlfriend rears her head and starts to catch your husband's attention again. In this day of social media and other modes of instantaneous communication, this problem is more common than ever. These days, it is all-too-easy to locate and strike up a conversation (or more) with an old flame.

If you are saying, "My husband is seeing his old girlfriend," here are 3 tips for what to do about it:

1. Confront your husband but leave the ex-girlfriend out of it:

It is important that you confront your husband about this, but do everyone a favor and leave his ex-girlfriend alone. Unless you catch her having coffee with him at your kitchen table one afternoon when you come home unexpectedly (or the like), there is really no reason for you to have to talk to her at all. This is entirely between you and your husband.

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2. Get him to admit that his interest in his ex-girlfriend is not appropriate:

Next, it is very important that you talk to your husband and get him to admit that any contact with his old girlfriend (outside of an occasional "Hello") is totally inappropriate. You need to establish this as a piece of common ground for you and your husband to stand on.

3. Ask him if he is able to commit to remaining devoted to your marriage:

Now, to seal the deal, ask your husband if he is willing and able to devote himself fully to your marriage. Ask him if he can still bring himself to put his body, heart and soul into your marriage, without reservation. If he cannot, you have nothing more to talk about. But if he can, you can take steps to become closer again.

If your husband agrees to commit to loving and supporting you and only you, the next step is to get help in putting together a plan to bring the love back stronger than ever in your marriage. It is time to rekindle the flame again.

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The source of "true marriage healing" lies within the spiritual aspects of who we are. How do I know this? Because I've been to marriage counseling, and I have read all the self-help marriage books, and because, I did all the things "they say" that are supposed to help you love who you married. But the reality of it is folks, there is no magic pill or potion you can take, and there is no person, besides you, that is going to heal your marriage as it is meant to be healed.

He said, she said scenarios don't work, and neither will finger pointing and blaming one another. We can brow beat our spouse until we are blue in the face, and we can continue to have affairs just because our marriage is on rocky times, and we can listen to strangers tell us how to save our marriage, but I'll tell you what, it will not make us better people inside, so what good is all that for our marriage?

What we want and need for marriage is to be the person God intended for us to be so we can have a better marriage. A man and a woman marriage relationship is the four legs that support the marriage, and what you believe for your marriage is the root of how good or bad the marriage actually will be.

If you want to be a healthier person spiritually, and even mentally, you need to enhance the spiritual side of who you are so you can grow into the loving individual God wants you to become, which is the whole and complete person you truly can be! We all have certain issues in our lives that hold us back from attaining the spiritualism that I am talking about. What is holding you back? That is the question?

In my book, Journey on the Roads Less Traveled, I reveal what held me back. It is my personal testimony of dealing with alcohol addiction and how it stunted my mental and spiritual growth process, and kept me from loving others and myself properly. I was up there on cloud nine most of the early years of my marriage. I eventually came down off that cloud and grew up.

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It is MY firm belief that to heal marriage according to how marriage is to be divinely inspired and healed, we need to fix ourselves FIRST! I don't care what some of the self-help books say, I just know this to be true because I've been there! If our marriage isn't good, we need to seek out the resources from the source that is going to actually do something constructive for the marriage, right?

Man himself can set forth a standard for you to follow based on beliefs of society and they may all seem so good and right but if they do not come from God what use are they, really? Most man-made principles come from God but have been twisted to fit into the standards of society, which can sound good and right. This takes great discernment on your part. What is right and wrong? How can you tell? Don't let the world fool you; don't let people fool you into believing what your ears want to hear. Look for the fruit. If there isn't any, then what good is that?

"He who tends a fig tree will eat its fruit" Proverbs 27:18. And in the same concept, "He who tends "himself" will eat its fruits in marriage, and whatever else he embarks on in his life.

If you originate from God, why are you looking to a mere stranger to heal your marriage troubles? God has told us what he wants for us to do for our marriage, but no one is following these precepts, not even those who call themselves Christian's. If you are sinning against the marriage in any way, how can you really expect the standards of society to save you from yourself? Society isn't going to tell you that being unfaithful is wrong, just as it won't tell you what is good and right for your marriage.

Society created the things that are tempting to us and wrong for our marriage. Immoral behavior and imagery is shoved into our face every single day and everywhere! God desperately wants us to put on His shield of armor and He will protect us from the evils of the outside world. This is precisely why we need to fix our self FIRST before we can fix anything with marriage! We do this by letting God lead us not into temptation of society, but instead deliver us from all the evils of society!

"Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Put on the full body armor (figuratively speaking) of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." [Ephesians 6:10-13]

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We ought not to stand proud in our sin, but rather put our head down low, and stand humbly before God ready to give our sin(s) to Him. Now, I certainly don't know everything there is to know about the mysteries of God, and, like many of you, I am learning something new about the world around me every single day. Not a day goes by that God doesn't somehow and in some way reveal to me something new to share with others.

I have dealt with personally many of the issues most marriages go through in a lifetime, and sometimes my marriage was a living nightmare. But I grew out and away from what was holding me back, and I managed to heal my marriage with the help of biblical principles. I didn't learn how to be happy and content with myself by going to a therapist or a marriage counselor. And I knew that I couldn't fix my marriage until I fixed myself first. I had to stop drinking, and start to be aware of who I was as a person and where I was in relation to being that person.

What is my purpose? Who am I? Well, I am a child of God. Well then, if I am a child of God, then my source for comfort, happiness and marriage healing lies then in the seed God planted in my heart, which needs only to sprout and grow. Will the seed planted in my heart grow if I go outside of God's boundaries for the answers to my failings, and marriage troubles? No! I need to water the seed by staying within the boundaries of who I am.

One day I decided I wanted to understand what having spirituality in my life was all about, and eventually, I accepted Jesus Christ into my life. His Spirit, the Holy Spirit is a part of my life now. This is not something anyone can just hand over to you. Spirituality is something that you go after and attain on your own and it takes time and spiritual effort. Your relationship with God (Jesus Christ) is unique and special and unlike anyone else's relationship with Him.

True Marriage Healing is not made in a week, or months, but is a gradual growth process that husband and wife make within himself or herself. No marriage will ever be restored until "each" spouse looks at what he can do to change himself. Once this is attained, then and only then, can the marriage begin to be transformed? The big change comes through when we know who we are and what our purpose is in life. When we feel like our life has purpose and meaning, then we can start applying that purpose into our lives.

Many couples when they feel like there is no value or importance attached to their life, that is when they may go outside the boundaries of Gods precepts and search for substance through the establishments of society. The main objective here is for couples to change the way they value themselves and marriage and to help the marriage to grow in positive ways.

Who are you? What is your purpose in life? The answers are where you begin your search for the true source of marriage healing.

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