My Husband Cheated On Me While I Was Pregnant: He Cheated On Me While I Was Pregnant

"I have just found out my husband cheated on me while I was pregnant. I am very disappointed, should I stay or leave him?"

The man that you adored to the point where you believe that he will not cheat has cheated on you and this is the worst imaginable thing that could happen to a woman. You don't know what to do now and you feel like getting over it by divorcing your husband, but rash decisions are often regretted.

You feel like cheating to get back at him or even give him a tight slap on his face and tell him you want to divorce. Maybe it is the other way round? You are afraid that he will leave you, so you choose to keep quiet and pretend nothing had happened or perhaps you will beg him to stop cheating? Usually all these actions will not make you feel any better, sometimes things may just turn out more badly.

Struggling with the choices to stay or leave your husband can be a tough decision to make. Don't let emotions take over you to do anything that can make you regret. Think carefully before you do anything.

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Learn to understand the truth why your husband cheated on you. I do agree no matter what, your husband shouldn't cheat you in the first place especially when you were pregnant.

However, If your husband is showing strong sincerity to repair the marriage and is expressing guilt, you should consider giving him another chance to work on the marriage together. I am not saying you should forgive him immediately because you also need time to accept the fact and he should also be answerable for his actions too.

Be away for a while if you still feel that your resentment towards him is strong. You can try to unburden yourself by talking to good friend who can really give you a support and listening ear. Whether choosing to stay or leave your husband, you must think if divorce is the best choice for you and your child. Will you be able to cope the problems coming after divorce such as finances, giving the child a proper environment, etc? Apart from all these, there are actually many points to consider.

And, if you want to save your marriage, both of you have to work out a plan and some agreements so that you are not going to worry all the time that he is going to cheat you again because some how deep down inside your heart, you have lost trust and faith in him. Will he be able to assure you over and over again?

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Should you forgive a cheating husband? Perhaps your friends and family members are telling you that you should divorce the cheating loser, but no one can make this decision except you. Only you know what is best for you. Don't be pressured to make the decision until you are ready.

You do have choices. Although you may feel that even if you wanted to stay married after an affair, that you could never forgive his infidelity. Here are the choices that this situation has put you in and when you take a look at the big picture, you will be able to make the best decision for you.

Choice #1 - Get Divorced

It's a simple answer to a very complex problem. Getting divorced is an easy thing to say and you could have already said it to your husband in the heat of the moment. When your mad, hurt, angry and sad, you can easily believe that divorce is what is best for you.

No one would blame you and you certainly have a good reason. And if you know for sure that you will never get past your husband's betrayal, you don't love him and you want a new life, divorce could be the answer for you.

Choice #2 - Pretend It Never Happened

This is probably the simplest choice. Living in Denial World can be easy and pretending nothing ever happened may seem like the best choice. Did your husband swear he was sorry and it would never happen again? Did your husband beg you to stay with him, but he did not want to talk about it?

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This is certainly the best answer for a husband who wants to stay married. But pretending only puts a band-aid on a gaping wound. You have been betrayed and are in agonizing pain. You may be able to cover it up at times, but it will always show up and never go away.

Of all your choices, this is the worst one. Easy is not right and you will never get past your husband's infidelity until you forgive him and move on.

Choice #3 - Learn How to Move Past Your Husband's Affair

This is not an easy path. I could not be honest and say it would be a simple matter of deciding to forgive him and rebuild your relationship. You have been betrayed and you will have obsessive thoughts about the other woman. Your self-esteem has been crushed and you question everything about yourself. You don't trust your husband and don't know if you ever will.

Should you forgive a cheating husband? Rebuilding your relationship takes work and your husband will have to want to save your marriage as well. But there is help for women like you who have been the victim of infidelity. If you do chose to stay with your husband, forgive and move on, you will need support.

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We know that things happens in a Relationship; undesirable things that could put a strain on it and sometimes the damage is not reversible but we can still be civil to each other even if the Relationship is failing.

Here are Five things we should never do in spite of the situation. The First, never put all the blame on our partner. There are always two sides to every story and never is one Person always right and the other is wrong. There may come a time when there is a difference in opinion but it doesn't mean that Person is wrong they just have a different point of view and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

The Second thing to never do is to demand our Partner to change. This is controlling and no one likes to be controlled. It is easier for us to make changes than to demand it from our Partner. Most likely they want us to change because they don't see a problem with them anyway. When there is control in a Relationship it'll cause resentment and this could make matters even worst.

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The Third thing to never do is to stop communicating. Silence is a certainty that the Relationship will fail. When there is no communications, our thoughts are free to think as it will because there is no other side to consider so what we think has no choice but to be right.

The Fourth thing to never do is to refuse to be flexible, unbending, unchanging or what God will call Stiff Neck. If we are like that then we are not receptive to the others ideas. It's really all about us and the other Person doesn't matter unless he yields to what we want.

The Fifth thing to never do is to discuss the problem with everyone we know, something will surely get back to our Partner and it may not be exactly what we said and of course that'll make thing worst. He will not appreciate us exposing personal business and also if something does get back to him that we didn't say it'll be hard to prove it. Discussing personal matters are a strike again us anyway.

If we try to be flexible and communicate with our Partner and keep the personal business at home, there maybe a chance the relationship can have a Second chance.

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What is the secret of happily married for years, couples? Have you ever wondered? When you see middle aged or aged pairs in public places who seem to be completely involved in each other, don't you feel jealous, sometimes? What is the secret behind their happiness?

LOVE and UNSELFISHNESS and complete surrender to each other without any conditions are the main secrets of such happy marriages. The children of such marriages are also happy. This happiness is the result of pure unconditional love. In such families, the children benefit most, because, they are brought up in an environment of love and care and they transmit this love to their partners also.

This happy note was not achieved in one day. It might be the result of years of living together in the most trying times and not calling it quits. Trials and tribulations are part of everyday life. Nobody escapes these phases, but some go on, they do not give up easily. The Never Say Die Spirit dwells in them. That's the secret behind their happy married life.

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The most common mistakes couples make are

- Arguing at the slightest pretext

- Complaining to their close ones about their partners in their presence

- Being selfish and Egocentric

- Impatient

- Having Minimum Tolerance level

- Not adjusting to partner's habits

- Not giving Personal space or time to each other [this is the most important point because familiarity breeds contempt even between couples. Don't always sling on each other's necks all the time.]

- Finding faults [nobody likes criticism] Read more here...

Causes are many, but do not waste time raking up old stories or fights of the past. Shed your depression. Wake up to the new you and become BOLD and BRAVE. Save your relationship before you are shown the door. This is not what YOU DREAMT. This is not the LIFE you had planned. Revive your love and remember your first meeting. Instead of remembering your fights try to think and analyze whether you were also at fault, and try to reconcile and approach your partner with true repentance and love[unconditional].See the difference for yourselves. Even the hardest of hearts can be won with love. Take Action NOW and be guided.Life is to be enjoyed, not to be wasted away. Your life is the most precious gift you have. Don't squander it away on bad habits, and bad gossiping company. Please realize that gossip mongers only help to destroy your precious and happy life of which they are jealous about.

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