My Girlfriend Suddenly Stopped Communicating With Me: Why Did She Suddenly Stop Texting Me

Your girlfriend has stopped talking to you. For a few moments this may seem like something of a blessing, particularly if it comes in the middle of a heated discussion. Any other time it's going to raise some serious concern from you, as it should. Part of being in a healthy, balanced and fulfilling relationship is spending time talking to your significant other on a daily basis. If several days pass and there's no word from the woman you're involved with, a major red flag should be flying above your head. Your relationship is careening quickly towards disaster. If you don't fully grasp what it means when your girlfriend suddenly fades into the distance, now is the time for you to gain some much needed insight into what she's thinking and feeling.

If your girlfriend has suddenly dropped out of sight and you haven't heard a word from her, think back to the last time the two of you did talk. Chances are very good that you both left things on difficult terms. Sometimes an argument can get so out of hand that one person storms out and if two strong personalities are involved, each may decide to wait for the other to make the first post conflict move. Your girlfriend may simply be simmering down from the verbal sparring match you two had. If that's the case my best suggestion is to wait at least a few days for her to sort through her feelings. Trying to get her to talk before she's ready will probably just cause more friction and misunderstanding and you'll be right back to where you started with her ignoring you.

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If her silence has been more of a gradual thing, that needs to be handled in quite a different way. When a woman pulls back slowly from the man she's involved with it's because she feels there's an emotional distance there. Just as some men don't want to deal with the emotional ramifications of a confrontation about what's missing from the relationship or what's wrong with the connection, women don't enjoy that either. Your girlfriend may feel that by slipping into the ether she'll be saving you from the heartbreak you surely would feel if she boldly told you that she's just not that into you anymore. You may view this as a cowardly way to end a relationship but if you're an emotional guy it may be that she sees it as her only way to get out emotionally unscathed.

In any case, you can't just allow the woman you love to disappear without at least trying to understand her reasoning. Don't make the mistake of approaching her with the attitude that you had no idea she wasn't happy or satisfied. Her silence is indication enough that she's not getting what she needs from you anymore. Tell her that you know that she's not feeling the way she used to and you just want to understand. Don't get defensive and don't try to explain anything at this time. This is her opportunity to share what she is experiencing and what she feels is lacking. If you handle this conversation from a place of understanding and compassion, she'll see that you really do want to hear what she has to say and you want to learn from it.

Reacting negatively when your girlfriend stops talking to you is the quickest route towards a painful break up with her. This is the woman you adore so show her that's what you feel. If you reach out to her and give her the support she needs to be honest with you about what she's currently feeling, she'll open up and the deafening silence will be replaced with honest and understanding.

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"Should I text my ex girlfriend?" It seems like an innocent question, but when it comes to getting your ex girlfriend back after a breakup, the answer can mean the difference between winning her back or pushing her further away.

Should I Text My Ex Girlfriend? A Look At Two Scenarios

When it comes to texting your ex girlfriend, there are two possible scenarios. Under the first scenario, you're trying to decide if you should contact her by sending her a text. Under the second scenario, you're trying to decide if you should respond to one of her texts. Let's look at some advice to help you deal with each situation.

Should you ever make contact with your ex by sending her a text after a breakup? Yes and no. If you're going to work things out and repair the relationship, you have to be able to talk to your ex. In this day and age, texting is just as acceptable as calling or emailing.

However, initially after a breakup, you should give your ex space. Don't make any contact for at least a couple of weeks. This gives both you and her time to figure out your feelings and decide exactly what you want without feeling pressured.

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After a period of no contact, you can send your ex girlfriend a text message to gauge where she's at emotionally. Does she want to talk to you and work things out? Does she respond? Does she simply ignore you?

If she ignores your message, then she's not ready to talk, and she needs more time. Don't send her another or you'll risk pushing her away for good. Never send message after message trying to convince her to talk to you.

Now, let's look at the other scenario: your ex texting you.

If your ex girlfriend texts you after a breakup, should you respond? Again, it's best to take a period of no contact for a couple weeks. If you haven't been in touch for a while and your ex still has feelings for you, then it's likely she'll try to contact you.

At this point, it's up to you to decide if you want to respond. Are you done with the relationship? If so, then it may be better to ignore her and move on to avoid any further pain. Do you want her back? If so, now may be the time to talk and work things out.

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You and your girl broke up and now you're wondering how to get your ex girlfriend back for good. The problem is, this isn't the first time it happened. It's becoming a ritual for the two of you to break up and get back together. You want it to stop and you want her back for good.

When you're trying to figure out how to get your ex girlfriend back for good, you need to first be able to identify what the problem is. Why do you keep breaking up? If you haven't found the real reason for your breakups, then your situation will never improve.

Here are a few tips to help you get her back for good this time and hopefully stop the breaking-up-getting-back-together ritual.

Calm down and let the grudges go

· You need to let go of all the grudges and negative feelings you're holding onto. Whatever it is that got you angry, find a way to get past it and remember that she's more important to you.

· Once you've let go of the negative points, sit down and try to calm yourself. You can't talk to her if you're still overwhelmed with negative emotions otherwise you will end up arguing again.

· Letting go of the grudges means you're willing to change your ways. If she pointed out that you've been a controlling boyfriend then find a way to be more relaxed around her.

It's not easy to let go of grudges and it's natural to feel hurt when she did something wrong. But you need to learn to forgive her and forgive yourself. If you want to get her back for good, then you shouldn't let history get in the way. The past is past and now you should worry about the present.

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Another way to get her to come back is to earn her trust. She needs to be able to trust you again if you ever want her to come back to you.

How do you rebuild her trust?

· You can start by not going out with other girls when you two are on a break. Whether it's an attempt to make her jealous or you're just looking for a way to forget about the pain for a while, it's still a bad idea.

· Try not to make the same mistakes again. If she said you didn't give her enough space or you're too paranoid then give her some breathing space. Don't pursue her and nag her into telling you where she's been or who she's with. Remember that you're on a break now so it's not a good idea to put a leash on her. It never was a good idea to put a leash on her so let her be.

· Instead of buying her gifts to make up, try being honest instead. Show her you're truly sorry for hurting her and don't give her false promises. Convince her that you're willing to change and that things will be different from now on.

Keep in mind that one of the best tips on how to get your ex girlfriend back for good and stop the break up routine is to try to be the bigger man. You need to find out what really went wrong in the relationship and own up to your mistakes. Show her that you're worth keeping and she didn't make a mistake in loving you.

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Very often, after a break up, people are left with mixed feelings. You are hurt and angry, utterly miserable, and there's that awful feeling of loneliness to contend with as well. How can I get back together with my girlfriend? If you are asking this question over and over, then just take a few steps back first - this needs to be thought out very carefully.

Okay, so you desperately want to get your girlfriend back. The break up left you feeling really down, and there is just no way that you can function properly until you have her back in your life again. I need to ask you though - do you want to get her back into your life again because you love her, or because of the way you're feeling right now - desperate and lonely? How can I get back with my girlfriend could very well turn into why do I want to get back with my girlfriend?

Remember, you might just think that the way you're feeling now is because you love her, but in a few days time, when the hurt and anger subsides, you could feel a whole lot different about the situation. There is a good chance that you don't really love your girlfriend enough to want her back again after all.

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You need to treat the effects of the break up one step at a time. Take a few days to get over the hurt and anger first. You're feeling really lonely right now as well, so spend as much time as you can with family and friends to get this feeling out of the way.

Being with other people will also help with the misery you're feeling right now. They are out to enjoy themselves, and there laughter and happiness will be catching, and eventually you will feel that way as well. This might take a few days or a week or two, but just go with the flow, so that afterwards, you know exactly what your true feelings are towards your ex girlfriend.

Once you are well and truly over the break up, and are feeling like your old self again, are you asking yourself how do I get back together with my ex girlfriend? Do you really love her that much? Or, have you just realized that your emotions were making you feel that way? Are you now thinking that life's great, and why would you want to get back together with your ex girlfriend? The decision is yours.

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