My Ex Wants To Be Friends but I Still Love Her: She Broke Up With Me but Still Wants to Be Friends

What should you do when your ex girlfriend wants to be friends but you want to start dating her again? Usually, most people think that you have to express yourself fully and say to her that you still love her, and if that's not enough, start getting engaged in making majestic gestures to profess your undying love for her and if that's too not enough; start outright begging her to take you back. While this might sound like a good plan when you're drunk, what you really need to do when your ex girlfriend says she wants to be just friends is much, much different.

What you need to do is very counter-intuitive. This is why most guys can't get their girlfriends back - what needs to be done is counter-intuitive, and so they can't think of doing it, and lose their girlfriends forever.

When your ex girlfriend wants to be friends, you don't say "No! I love you! I want to be with you again!"

You say: "Cool. I was thinking about that the other day, and I think you are right."

I am repeating it in case it sounded too unbelievable: You agree with her. Maybe you have already done the first (no, I love you!) and if that's the case, you have to take it back. You have to make her know that you apologize for having said that, you thought it over and you now agree with her that you should be just friends.

Why does that need to be done? Simple. Think about the opposite - when you say to her that you still love her, you are not giving her a chance to miss you, because you are basically saying "I'm a slave for you, you can have me whenever you want, you can take me for granted." Taking something for granted is the number one reason that kills your desire for that thing. This is valid for everything in the world - not just ex boyfriends or girlfriends. Whatever you can have easily, you don't want it.

Whatever you feel that you can't have easily, you want. It is more so if there is a sense of loss associated with it. When your ex girlfriend wants to be friends, she is totally expecting you to flip out about it and say how much you love her. When you don't do that and say "cool", this will immediately have the effect of a shotgun blast in the face with a sense of loss that she wasn't expecting.

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Your girl just dumped you and now all you can think of is how to get your ex girlfriend back. She walked out on you. Maybe because you didn't show how much she means to you or maybe you didn't realize until now how much you loved her.

You need to remember that everyone makes mistakes and there's no such thing as being perfect. Troubles brewing in a relationship are not uncommon. There's nothing unmanly about feeling heartbroken after a breakup. The best thing that you can do is make plans on how to get your ex girlfriend back.

How do I win back my girl?

Winning back your ex girlfriend can be accomplished. You just need to remember these 5 essential strategies:


Don't put the blame on her especially if deep down you knew you made a mistake. You need to acknowledge your mistakes because she won't appreciate it if you blame her for leaving you. You need to find out what it was that pushed her away and apologize for it. You also need to ensure that your explanation can convince her that you understood where exactly you went wrong.

Be in control of your feelings

You are feeling hurt, upset, in denial, and sad. But you shouldn't let this feelings grow or stay in your heart. These will poison your mind and soon you will only feel resentment. You will resent her and yourself. If that happens, you will have a hard time forgiving her and yourself.

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Respect her feelings

If she left you or if she kicked you out, then you need to respect that and give her space. Don't waste your time fighting with her because that will only make your situation worse. She may hate you now, but it doesn't mean that she will hate you forever. Let her calm down and give each other room to breathe.


Most relationship issues can be solved with communication. When enough time has passed and you think that you've both calmed down, then maybe it's time to open the communication lines again. You've acknowledged your mistakes and you admit that you hurt her. Now try to talk to her and tell her that you are sorry about the breakup. Let her know just how important she is to you and that you miss her.

Talk to common friends

One of the factors that can help couples reconnect with each other would be common friends. You can talk to common friends about the issue if you are unable to contact her at the moment. If she's still upset about you and refuse to talk to you, then you can look for people who can help you get her back in your life. They can talk to her for you and make you look good so that you can have a second chance in your relationship.

If you want to know how to get your ex girlfriend back, then you need to remember these 5 strategies. These will help you at getting a second shot at your relationship. With any luck, she'll notice the changes in you and hopefully agree to come back to you.

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How can I get my girlfriend back? If you're here reading this, then you're probably wondering that question this very instant, and you're looking for a proven solution. However, you must understand finding a way to get your girlfriend back is pointless if you don't first identify what went wrong in the relationship initially and do your best to fix it.

This article will give you some initial tips on how to get your girlfriend back and will provide you with an excellent resource at the end you can use immediately to find a proven system that works.

Breakups are characterized by confusion, frustration, pain, depression, heartbreak, and dozens of other negative emotions. Figuring out what went wrong in your relationship and doing what you can to fix it will keep you from experiencing the same outcome after you get back together.

You may not completely understand what went wrong. This is especially true when trying to understand things from your girlfriend's perspective. Since you aren't her, you can't know for sure how she feels or what she's thinking. However, you CAN look inward and work on correcting your own actions in the relationship. More than likely both you and your girlfriend made some mistakes and could do things differently to have a stronger relationship.

What if your lover has moved on? Here's how to get them back.

How can I get my girlfriend back while I work on creating a stronger relationship? As you work on correcting problems, there are a few things you should be doing that will help you get your girlfriend back. The first and most important is to give her space and respect her privacy. Break off contact for a while. Doing so will allow her to miss you and will prevent her from pulling away from you if she feels pressured or cornered from your constant texts, emails, or phone calls. She needs some time to get her thoughts straight, so give it to her.

Once you've cut off contact and are giving her space, you should expect her to contact you. Be patient. It won't happen overnight, but with a little time, she will miss you and will get curious about what you are doing and where you've been. Don't be surprised if she calls you and wants to see you. At this point, you'll need to be ready for your next move, or you risk losing your opportunity.

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This is not fair that your girlfriend neglected you because of some other person and as of now you are unable to take decisions if you want to get back your girlfriend. In fact it is wise to think this way.Many people only run behind things, and then practically get discomfited by their act or remain broken hearted.

In this situation, the best way is to admit the truth that your girlfriend has left you looking for someone else. To the extent that this may upset you, so just be calm and don't get annoyed with your ex, after all, it is her way of living and she is at liberty to make her own judgment. You are required to be delicate if you desire to know about your ex and her new partner.

You cannot simply call her and enquire about her new relationship and ultimately you can communicate about it with your friends. Enquire near you and look for what kind of man he is, the place where she met him and from when they have been together. This is the main aspect where you need to decide whether you should make efforts to get back your girlfriend back or not.

What if your lover already left you? Here's how to get them back.

If you find that your ex has just met the new man then you have a golden opportunity to get back your girlfriend. On the other hand, if she has been meeting the new man from quite long, then as a whole, a new scene is created.

If this is the situation, she betrayed your trust and has cheated you because while she was with you, she also was meeting him at the same time.

At this point of time, don't recall any idea of getting your girlfriend back-she played with your sentiments once and could repeat it once again. If you are fragile enough to get her back, knowing that she deceived you, then be ready to face the same circumstance once again in future.

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