My Ex Still Answers My Calls: Ex Boyfriend Answered My Call

Breakup's can be hard and though your heart is screaming "I want to get him back", you have to first make sure that he still has feelings for you.

Going through the steps to get your man back in your life takes strength and lots of patience, so make sure you are not doing it in vain.

Here are the signs that he still has feelings for you. If you can be sure that he does, you can then map out a plan to actually bring him back to you.

Sign 1: He keeps contacting you

The first and most obvious sign that your ex still cares is that he continues to contact you.

This does not have to mean that he calls you every day. Even if he only calls once every week or texts you here and there, it means he still cares.

Let him be the one to do the contacting though. If he keeps on calling or messaging even when he is the only one doing it, you can be even 100% sure about his feelings.

Sign 2: Does he ask about you?

When he talks to you, does he ask your advice about things in his life or just go on about himself or does he want to know about you and how you are?

If it is all about you then he does still have loving feelings for you.

If he is calling about himself 99% of the time I would guess that he depended on you heavily for advice on how to run his life.

This does not mean he still loves you. It means that you should let him know that you are not now, and have never been, his mother.

If he needs advice he should call her.

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Sign 3: He says he thinks about you

If your ex comes right out and says that he still thinks about you then he definitely still cares!

While you have been thinking "I want to get him back", he has been thinking "I want to get her back"!

Sign 4: The fourth sign that he still cares for you is jealously

If he questions you about whether you have been seeing anyone and has an edge to his voice while doing so, this means he cannot stand to think about you being with another man.

If this happens, you can bet that he not only still cares about you but he also wants you to be his girl again!

Sign 5: Does he remember an important date?

Dates and times are important to women, but many times, men forget these things. If you receive a gift from him on your birthday, you are in.

If he calls and casually mentions the fact that this is the day when you had your first date one year ago, you are in even further!

Birthdays are not nearly as hard for a man to remember as the anniversary of a first date.

So be happy; you said "I want to get him back", and now that he has given you all the signs, you will have him back.

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You still care for him and want ex boyfriend back. Maybe it's been awhile since the break up or maybe it's only been a few days, but the one fact that remains is that letting him go was a mistake and you wish you could turn back time and change the outcome.

You can't force someone to love you, but winning him back would be easier if you knew he felt the same, right? So here are three telling signs to watch for that may be clues to how he feels about you.

1. He Wants to Be Friends.

Want ex boyfriend back? Then don't overlook this sign. This is more common in relationships that lasted for some time, but regardless, if your ex wants to be friends after a break up and treats you as such, it could mean one of two things.

The first is that he still cares about you, values you and considers your friendship an important part of his life.

The second is that he wants to keep you around for back up. He wasn't happy with the way your relationship was before, but now that he's feeling vulnerable, he is confident that you will take him back if no other woman will have him.

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2. He wants to talk regularly.

Does your ex boyfriend frequently call you? Text you? Does he leave you messages on your Facebook or Twitter? If your ex communicates with you on a regular basis and the content of the conversation is overall positive, then it's pretty likely that he still cares and wants to keep tabs on you.

3. He tries to make you jealous.

When he has a new crush or starts dating someone new, does he talk to you about it? Or does he leave little hints about his latest fling where he knows you will find them? If so, he's probably trying to make you feel jealous. This is a huge indication that he's trying to get your attention.

He doesn't want to appear desperate, but he's trying to test the waters and get a rise out of you to see if you are still interested.

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When a man breaks up with you, It's totally normal to wallow in your misery. But, there is good news: you don't have to give up on the hope of getting him back. If you clear your mind and calm down, you'll be able to construct proper text messages that you could send to win your ex boyfriend back. And, if you text him the right messages and do things properly, you might even be able to make him think that getting back together was his idea. All you have to do is follow these simple tips:

Tip No. 1: Start from scratch.

Before proceeding, you must first accept that what you shared with your ex boyfriend back before might be difficult to revive. So, don't go trying to save something that should be left to be forgotten. Instead, focus your energies on building a new one - a better relationship filled with passion and love. Starting from scratch is a good thing because it gives you a lot of room for improvements. You just have to think of the kind of messages you'll be sending to win your ex boyfriend back.

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Tip No. 2: Let him know what he's missing.

When you're texting him, make him remember why he fell in love with you before. Make him forget the undesirable things - the issues that might have lead to the demise of your relationship. Make him realize that he's missing out on a lot of great things now that he isn't with you.

This means that you should avoid sending him lengthy and emotional messages where you whine and beg him to take you back. Being clingy and needy will only drive him further away from you - remember that. He must feel comfortable and unthreatened by your presence, so bombarding him with "Please take me back" messages is a big no-no.

Tip No. 3: Play with what is primal.

Try constructing text messages that are flirty and sexy. Seduce him until he doesn't have anyone else on his mind but you. However, you shouldn't try to flirt with him when you're spending time together. This will make you look like you're trying too hard to grab his attention. Just stick to sending him text messages that are short but are focused on playing with his sexual desires. These text messages should make him think about you a lot for a long time and eventually help you win your ex boyfriend back.

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Do you find yourself in unfamiliar territory after the breakup where you fail to see any light anywhere to lead you to your ex? Most people always think that are capable of sorting even the worst things in their lives when the time comes, and you would be no exception. However, since the breakup the situation has gone from bad to worse and you consider yourself a failure.

Well, as it turns out you may still have a ray of hope. As they say the last hour before dawn is the darkest. To get your ex back you'll have to set the forces of 'change' in motion. Adopt the following three rules in your life and you will get your ex back:

1. Get Real

Rather than playing role of a helpless victim you should start getting real. One of the reasons that led you to a hopeless state after the breakup was your denial of the reality. Did your ex find a better partner than you so she broke up? Not quite. Actually you did some really bad things and didn't even acknowledge your mistakes that caused the break up. Now's the perfect time to do some soul searching and identify areas where you need to work harder.

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2. Get Rid of Bad Habits

If your ex is to come back, then give him/her a reason to do so. Now that you know from where to start rectifying your shortcomings you need to get started. You will have to overcome your habits that drove your ex so mad that he/she decided to quit living with you. Whether it was your lack of attention or your habit to blow small things out of proportions, the fact is that you have to do away with all those habits that caused the breakup.

3. Get Your Ex Back by Communicating

After doing all the hard work, now's the perfect time to communicate with your ex about your feelings since the breakup and how you've changed dramatically. There will be times when you'll have to apologize without offering any excuses for your past conduct. But never forget that in this meeting you also need to listen to your ex as well. Let him/her say what's been cooking deep down since the breakup.

Such an honest communication will convince your ex that you deserve a second chance because you've changed and most importantly you recognize you mistakes.

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