My Ex Saw Me and Looked Away: Why Can't My Ex Look at Me

Every loving relationship, even a healthy one, has it's "ups and downs." Arguments are bound to take place between you and your partner sooner or later, regardless of how "perfect" for one another you both are. Unfortunately, you may have found yourself in the unfortunate situation where your once "perfect" relationship has ended. None of your calls or texts are being returned, leaving you thinking to yourself "my ex is ignoring me."

If you are being ignored by your ex, you'll likely find yourself confused and desperate to get your significant other talking to you again. After all, being ignored can feel like torture even if the relationship has already been dissolved. Whether or not you have done something to make your ex angry at or resent you, while it might be something you should ask yourself, there are a few things that you should never do to try to get your ex lover to start acknowledging your existence again:

1. Attempting To Contact Your Ex

If you are the one being ignored, do not continue to contact them asking "what's going on?" If, for example, you are saying to yourself "my ex is ignoring me," and it really does seem like they are avoiding you completely, then they could simply need some space. If that is the case, then constantly contacting them would be providing them with the exact opposite of what they want. Give them the space that they want. It will give them time to miss you. On the other hand, if they are upset with you about something that you have done (or have not done), and their ignoring you is being used as a form of punishment, then you will ensure them that the punishment is working by looking desperate for their attention.

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2. Begging Your Ex To Talk To You

Never, and I must repeat, never try to beg your ex to talk or take you back. This is usually one of the first mistakes everyone who finds themselves being avoided by their ex will attempt. If that actually worked, almost no relationship would ever end, right? Think about it.

You may feel the desperate need to get answers now, but begging will annoy your ex. Don't do it. Instead, try to accept the fact that you can't force them to talk to you no matter what the circumstances are. If they don't want to talk, they simply aren't going to until they are good and ready (if ever).

3. Keeping Tabs On Or "Stalking" Your Ex

You might feel an overwhelming urge to check up on your ex while you are out of contact with them. Since you're probably not sure of the reason why you're being ignored, you will be wondering what he/she is up to. Regardless of whether you're feeling like "my ex is ignoring me," you must avoid that relentless urge to "bump" into them or visit their profiles on social networking web sites like Facebook and Twitter. While these tactics might prove tempting for seeing what your ex is up to, you're only making it harder on yourself by keeping him or her in your thoughts as you track their every move.

More importantly, you're only proving to your ex that their ignoring you is really getting to you when you continue to check up on them. Whatever the reason for your being ignored by your ex, tracing their every move is a good way to reinforce their idea that leaving you was the right move in the first place.

If you feel like you're being ignored by your significant other, it is best to keep in mind that everyone needs their own level of space. It is important in any relationship for both individuals to be allowed their independence.

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Sometimes when a relationship ends, you are left with such a feeling of loneliness and utter misery. At first you think that, given time, you will get over these feelings, so you try your hardest to ignore them. However, days, weeks, sometimes even months go by, and still you have that feeling of hopelessness. You decide then that the only thing that will help is if you can get your lover back.

So, you start to look around for your ex. All the time you are trying to find him/her, there is this nagging worry in the back of your mind - what if your ex is involved with someone else? What if he/she has forgotten about you?

Okay, so the relationship had its ups and downs, but so do many other relationships as well. Although, your relationship probably had more troubled times than happy times, but still, it was a reasonably solid relationship, and you were happy some of the time. You want to get your lover back - you want to be in a relationship again, and have the feeling that you belong.

What I would like to know is if your relationship wasn't as great as it was supposed to be, then why on earth would you want to get back into that same relationship? Your ex was, and is, definitely not the only person available you know.

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What probably happened to you is this - your relationship fell apart, and instead of talking about it to someone, you kept it all bottled up inside. Because of your depression and lack of confidence, you weren't able to get back into a social life again.

The months went by, and your situation became worse and worse. Your level of confidence dropped lower and lower, until it became just a dream that you could ever get into another relationship again. The one person that you were used to was your ex, so you decided that that would be your best option - try to get back into that particular relationship, even if you weren't always happy - at least it was something.

My advice to you is to forget totally about trying to get your lover back. That relationship is over and it was not good for you anyway. You are a special person worthy of happiness, just like everyone else. Believe this, put the past behind you, and move on with your life - there IS happiness out there for you!

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After a breakup, it is natural to feel depressed and hopeless, so the idea that you might have the opportunity to make your ex miss you like crazy seems like a long-shot dream. You are hurt beyond words and hardly feel as though you can function in your daily life at this point. It is hard to accept that someone you care for so deeply said the horrible things to you that your ex said during the breakup. And after words like that were fired your way, how is it even possible to make your ex miss you like crazy? Read on for advice on how to make it happen.

Your heart tells you that you need to contact them in whatever way possible to try to make amends to the relationship. Even if he or she won't listen to you, you can at least apologize for everything, what harm does that cause? Plenty, and please, please, PLEASE do not do this. This shows your ex desperate and pathetic attempts to get you back that are going to send them heading for the hills. Your constant attempts at contact will quickly wear on their nerves and will not help AT ALL in your efforts to make your ex miss you like crazy - in fact, these behaviors will derail those possibilities.

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You need some time as well, so take this opportunity to take a time out. Your ex needs some time to heal, and you do too, so give yourself a few days to work past all the negative emotions the breakup caused. No matter how much you want to, fight that urge to contact your ex. You have no way of knowing where they are in their own personal path to recovery and contact them too soon will send you backwards in your efforts to make your ex miss you like crazy.

Chances are, you will run into your ex at some point, unless one of you left the area after leaving the relationship. This is why it is important to take care in your appearance, as you are likely to run into them at some point in time. You want to look your best. This is going to make them reel and is going to help your efforts to make your ex miss you like crazy like you wouldn't believe. They'd already begun to miss you but seeing you is enough to send it over the top. You can bet they'll be working on a plan of action to get you back before you know it.

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Do you want to get back together with your ex? Did you make a few mistakes, but you wish that you could undo everything and reverse the breakup? Do you want a relationship with your ex once again, but you are not sure how they feel? Does your ex seem to like you still, but you aren't sure if you should make the move to get back together with them? Does your ex often send you mixed signals about what they want? If you want to get your ex back, then uses these 10 sure shot ways to know if your ex still wants you back...

1. He/she spends a lot of time on you, with you, and for you- You are the center of their attention, and at the drop of the hat; they would do anything for you.

2. Your ex tries to have physical contact with you- They may stare into your eyes a lot, eye you up and down, try to hold your hand, hug you... or more.

3. He/she makes it a habit to call you often- It is part of their routine, and they are not doing it just for fun, they are doing it to hear you more and be around you.

4. They find excuses to see you or meet you- They may suggest a date, or may simply just try and bump into you randomly, at places you often frequent.

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5. He/she gets extremely jealous at the idea of you dating again- If you mention it, they will not be happy about it.

6. Your ex always asks about your personal life- He/she will especially want to know if you are dating again, and anything related.

7. Your ex tries to impress you- He/she is always going on about new things they have done, or things going on in their life.

8. Your ex has made drastic changes for you- It's not easy for someone to change, but if you notice your ex doing things they wouldn't normally do before, this means they still want you back.

9. He/she tries to make you jealous- your ex may flaunt a new date in front of you, or may try and threaten you by saying they will date someone new soon.

10. They always talk about the past- it's obvious that your ex has not gotten over you, if they are always talking about the past.

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