My Ex Hasn't Contacted Me In 6 Months: Haven't Heard From My Ex In 6 Months

It happens in T.V. shows all the time, the lonely person sitting by the phone just waiting for that special someone to dial them up. That might be how you're feeling now, just hoping and praying that your ex will contact you. Don't play the waiting game, put these steps into action so that they'll need to reach out and eventually touch you!

Step 1: Social Media: People nowadays have an incomparable advantage when trying to restore love lost. Instead of sitting by the rotary phone, the heartbroken can now send an email, chat on Facebook, send a text, or comment on an ex's blog. Use these to your advantage so that your former lover will reply back to you.

Step 2:Return Something of Theirs: That old football jersey hasn't fit your boyfriend in 7 years but now that you're broken up, it's a great excuse to get your ex to contact you. Tell him you'll meet up and do the drop or they can come over and pick it up when you're conveniently wearing something sexy.

Step 3:Seek Their Help: Butter up your ex by saying they're the only person you know that could help them with your current school, work, or relationship problems. This will open up the lines of communication and they'll probably feel flattered that you came to them for help - as long as you don't come off too desperate.

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Step 4:Be Seen By Them: Your ex has stopped contacting you for one of two reasons: 1) you disgust them or 2) they're playing the game. If they see you out having fun with your friends or a new flame you can almost guarantee you'll get a call or text like clockwork if they're still interested.

Step 5:Do Good: You need to get people talking about you so that she feels reconnected. You could be something small like playing good in a softball tournament or a task with alternate intentions like watching her best friend's dog for an afternoon but the longer your name stays in the headlines, the better your odds.

Step 6:Have A Party: Your ex will definitely contact you if you plan a big party. They might ring you up to see if it's OK if they come or even bring their new flame but if you play it cool, there's good odds you'll conveniently be the last two to leave the bash.

Step 7:Offer Your Services: Besides watching her friend's dog, tell her you miss her dog and would love to spend an afternoon with it while she goes shopping. Other things you can provide are cutting her grass, cleaning her gutters, or changing her oil, which even if they aren't fun, it's an excuse for her to contact you.

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Do you find yourself always thinking about your ex? Wondering if he or she still loves you or if your wants you back? Have you caught yourself checking his or her Facebook account everyday, looking for hints if your ex had found a new one? Do you constantly check your cell phone to see if your ex left you a message or you cannot stop yourself from sending him or her some messages? Well, if your answer is yes to all these questions, then you definitely want your ex back.

For sure, you had searched tons of books and read several tips online on steps to get your ex back. Without doubt you have not found the best advice on how you can win your ex back since you are still searching at this very moment and reading this article. Search no more and start reading as here are some effective steps to get your ex back.

Step 1: Contemplate

Sometimes you would need to think things over. This will help you understand yourself better and realize a lot of things about yourself, your ex and why your relationship had ended. This is one of the most important steps to get your ex back.

Step 2: Question and Answer

Once you had contemplated, ask yourself the following questions below and answer them truthfully.

* Do still love him/her or you just miss his/her company?

* Why did you break up?

* If it was your fault, are you willing to change and make it right?

* Do you think there is still a big chance that your ex still wants you back as well?

All the answer to those questions will enlighten you whether you truly want your ex back or not. If your answer is yes, then continue reading the next steps to get your ex back.

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Step 3: Preparation

Well, of course if you want your ex back, then you would need to talk to him/her and meet up. So when this day comes, you do not want to look bad. You need to look at your best and prepare yourself not only physically but also mentally and most importantly emotionally. Before you see each other again, make sure that you are ready and prepared. Wear something nice or wear something from your ex. This will surely spark some good memories that you had before.

Step 4: Give Your Ex Some Time Alone

After your talk, let your ex ponder the things that you had talked about. Just make sure your talk had ended nicely or else all these steps to get your ex back will all be a waste of time. Do not bother and send him messages or call his phone every minute after your talk. A simple message that will warm his/her heart will do. Give him enough time to think and you will see your ex will be the first one to give you a call.

Step 5: Make It Right This Time

Last tip on the steps to get your ex back is to make sure this time you make things right. Avoid doing the same mistakes and never fight about the same things over and over again. Never make history repeat itself.

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You might be a little reluctant to try this method to get your ex back because you are not quite sure what it means. This is understandable - most people are afraid of the unknown. However, when this is explained in detail to you as you read this article, you will realize that it IS an excellent way to reunite with your ex.

Basically, reverse psychology means that you do things exactly the opposite of what is expected of you - that is all. Granted, it will be a little difficult for you to do now, as depressed as you are, but with time it does become easier. All you need is some patience and the determination to succeed in your goal to get your ex back.

Say for instance, that your ex is used to you locking yourself away in your room after an argument. Even if this is your normal reaction, do precisely the opposite and go out with your friends and have a blast. This will definitely make your ex sit up and take notice of you. This is the first step towards you succeeding to get your ex back.

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If it is normal procedure for you to let yourself go completely and not care about how you look or dress, then change your attitude immediately. Give yourself a complete makeover and make sure that you look like a million dollars when you dress to go out with your friends. Not only will they see the amazing difference in you, but also word will get back to your ex in no time as to what a stunner you are.

After you and your ex had an argument during your relationship, was it your normal reaction to waste no time to bad-mouth your ex to your friends? Again, do just the opposite and you will definitely give your ex something to think about. Whenever you talk to your friends about your ex and the break up, make sure to say only positive things about your ex. This is a huge thing to do, and is a big step forward to get your ex back.

You now have an idea as to how reverse psychology can get your ex back. Now it is up to you to take action and use this almost fool proof method to get back your ex back into your life again.

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Most people often waste a lot of precious time in searching for a magic trick that will instantly force their ex partner to come running after them after calling a break up. There is no doubt about the fact that you can get your ex back once a break up is called by him/her and you don't even need a fairy to swing a magic wand for that to happen.

You just have of stay clear of some common blunders that people do to destroy their relationships. For instance, right after the break up you would be craving to pick the phone and snap in front of your ex partner. Don't even think about doing this because forcing a hasty reconciliation always backfires.

And then there's the misconception that you can start talking to your ex about your new partner and get him/her back. Yes, jealousy is the first feeling that your ex will feel when he/she learns about your new affair but that's not it. The problem starts when your ex starts thinking that you are no longer available to him/her. If you act as if you've moved ahead with someone else then your ex may also close this chapter and start off a new life. And that's not what you meant to happen!

Another mistake you must avoid if you want to get your ex back is to plead your innocence in front of third parties. Sometimes in desperation when hopes falter you can think of nothing better than tell people how you've been treated. This might get a huge burden off your mind, but this will not go down too well with your ex when he/she finds out. Your ex will lose trust and respect for you when he/she finds out that you have been discussing your ex's behavior with others.

In fact rather than whining and complaining about your ex, you can certainly do well to say to your friends that you agree with your ex on the decision of the break up. Accepting the blame for the break up even when you didn't deserve it will help your ex change his/her opinion about you.

It's just these simple mistakes that can undo years of affection, happiness and love between you and your ex, so to get your ex back don't fall prey to silly errors.

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