My Ex Girlfriend Keeps Looking At Me: Why Does My Ex Girlfriend Stares At Me

There is only one reason why you want to know how to tell if an ex girlfriend wants you back. You are curious about her feelings for you because you want to find out if you have a chance in case you tell her that you still want you to be together again. On your part, you are very certain that you are still very much in love with her; and as for your girlfriend, well, you are clueless and you would rather die than ask her personally and be slapped in the face for your over confidence.

However, matters such as this is not a guessing game and you cannot just wait for a sign from the heavens. There are certain things that you can spot which are actually signs that your former partner still loves you. If you want to know how to tell if an ex girlfriend wants you back, you have to learn how to pay attention to details. First of all, you must be able to read her eyes because there are things that you can learn from them more than what words can say. Observe the way she looks at you and you can instantly interpret what she is trying to relay. Observes if she stares at you and if she does, she is definitely still into you. Because if she does not, she will not even bother to look at you much less stare.

You must also learn to listen to whatever she says if you want to know how to tell if an ex girlfriend wants you back. If she occasionally talks about your fond memories together then it can be an indication that she misses those instances. Does she always talk about your dinner dates, funny moments together, and other romantic stuff? If she does, then all these conversations imply that she is always thinking about it and probably wants to experience them again. And if she says "I wish we are still doing those things" then you are definitely on a go.

And lastly, if you want to know how to tell if an ex girlfriend wants you back, observe if she is being unusually too friendly to you. If she always calls you if she has problems or when she achieved something extraordinary, then she certainly still feels that you are an important part of her life.

There are still other ways but these are the most common. And if you have already learned how to tell if an ex girlfriend wants you back, you should make your move and be her boyfriend and not just a boy friend.

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I don't care how your break up happened, what matters now is how I'm going to help you get back with your ex girlfriend. Stop your crying and stop feeling sorry for yourself. As the saying goes, "The night is darkest just before the dawn", here are some tips on how to get back with your ex girlfriend.

Change your hair style. Give yourself some cool upbeat haircut. It is said that drastic hair style changes can affect your personality to some degree, but more importantly it gives the impression that you are seeking changes. Your ex dumped you for a reason and you want to give off the impression that you are not the same man. Give your ex girlfriend something to think about before going to bed, she may have dumped you, but the thought of you moving on so fast and so easily cannot sit well with her.

Give her some space. Unless you work or go to school together, you want to "accidentally" bump into her time to time, but just brush her by and let her be. She does not want you right now, now isn't the time to be showing up too often or for too long periods. A gentle smile or a nod, maybe even a "hi" is acceptable, but do not engage in a conversation. Remember, you are reading this for a reason, so you have no chance of getting her back right at this moment. It won't take months to get her back, but you do need to give her some space initially.

There's no crying in front of ex girlfriends. No, this is not about being macho. It is for the simple reason that most women are turned off by men crying for no other reason than begging for love. Crying may work its magic on men when performed by women, but unless you have a very eccentric girlfriend... she will not be too pleased to see you weep and beg for love. You are not seeking sympathy from your ex, but even if she came back to you because she felt bad for you, she would have taken you back for the wrong reason.

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Become a precious commodity. If she calls you, make a habit of answering right before triggering voice mail. Don't give off the vibe that you've been waiting for her call and let her know that she's no longer your number one priority. When you answer her call, you want to say something like, "Can I call you back? I'm on a call with someone" or, "I'm going to have to call you back, I have someone over". Call her back the next day or couple of days later and be kind to her when you call her back. Be vague about the call you were making or the person that "supposedly" came over. You want to keep her guessing, not knowing why she had to wait for you to call her back will drive her mad and she'll continue to think about you.

Disinterest sparks interest. Be aloof around your ex girlfriend and don't give her any more attention than you would an acquaintance. Everyone likes a good mystery book and that's what you want to become, a question mark.

Pick your moment, but take action without hesitation. Eventually there will come a time when you will have to make a move, the time to tell her you want her back. There will be moments when she stares into your eyes like she had in the past and she'll be confused whether or not she still loves you. That's your cue and you need to pour every ounce of your soul in that moment and let her know that you still love her. It's about the timing, it's about you making the most out of that opportunity, and it's about letting love do its magic when the time comes.

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After a seemingly perfect long relationship, your girlfriend decided to call it quits and walked out on you. This of course left you totally devastated and desperate to try getting your ex girlfriend back. Nothing seems to be working and it is now almost an obsession with you - every waking moment is spent trying to figure out how to get her back into your life again.

This is a very dangerous frame of mind to be in because it could lead to you lowering yourself to such an extent that you are more than willing to go down on bended knee and beg her to take you back. You must understand that this is not going to extremes to ask your ex to give you another chance - this is grovelling and is very, very unattractive and totally off-putting. If you have been sending her similar types of emails and text messages, then why are you surprised that you have not had any response from her? Rather than getting your ex girlfriend back, you are causing her so much embarrassment, that she doesn't want to be associated with you at all.

Do yourself a huge favor and stop all attempts to make contact with her - there are other ways to try getting your ex girlfriend back that can be carried out in such a way that your dignity will remain very firmly in place. For a start, leave her entirely alone for now - she desperately needs time to sort out her feelings and come to a decision as to what direction she wants to take. Prove that you love her by acknowledging that she is an individual with the right to make a decision about being in a relationship with you.

Once she is back to her old self again, let her make the decision as to whether she wants to make contact with you or not - don't put any pressure on her whatsoever. You have a much better chance of succeeding at getting your ex girlfriend back if you show her that you have the utmost respect for her. If she still has deep feelings for you, she will make contact with you at some stage to talk about the possibility of getting back together again.

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Now that you are officially no longer a couple there are two things you should do. One, reconcile with the fact that you have screwed up the relationship and move on or put in place a plan that will get your girlfriend back. However, don't make some very elaborate plans that will backfire on you big time. Couples get back together all the time and here is what you should do.

Convince yourself first
Although it seems impossible it is very much possible to get your girlfriend back. The only thing that will put a spanner in your plans to get her back is your negative and defeatist attitude. So, get rid of the cobwebs in your mind and take the following steps.

Before you move to make plans you first have to do an honest audit of your part in the breakup. If you or some of your obnoxious habits played a part, then it should be clear what they were so that remedial measures can be taken.

Do what is in your control
Things that you can change about you should be done immediately. If there are certain things that will need professional help, seek out such help and honestly implement the advice given. Your ex-girlfriend should know that you are doing this to save the relationship.

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Remind her of gold old times
The very fact that the two of you were a couple is proof that you two shared some very good moments with each other. Subtly remind your ex-girlfriend about the time when things were going great. The idea is to make her realize that after all you are not a bad person.

The best you can do is take ownership of your actions that led to the breakup and apologize to her sincerely. This will prove that you are not egoistic and are ready to eat humble pie when required. This will also take care of any leftover bitterness between the two of you.

Keep the offer open ended
After you have done your apologizing don't force her to take you back. You have done what you felt right. Once you keep the offer open ended it is likely that she will also own up to her part and from there on things will begin to fall in place.

Time is the best healer
Once you have done all the above, give her time to think and come to some conclusion. However, keep in touch with her and remain friends with her. The more she sees that you have changed as person the more she will be drawn towards you.

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