My Ex Boyfriend Dumped Me And He's Ignoring Me: Why Is My Ex Ignoring Me After He Broke Up With Me

Until now, science has failed to explain the phenomenon of love; perhaps it is meant to be this way as when love is given a reason, it loses its mystery and excitement. However, no matter how enigmatic love may be, the hurt when love ends or is lost is very real and felt especially for women who are more emotional.

The problem faced by many women who want to rekindle a broken relationship is an uncaring ex, which gives the feeling that everything might be lost. However, do not be deceived as many men tend to act uninterested yet still have feelings for their ex. Below are reasons why your ex can be ignoring you but deep inside still want you back in his life:

1. He Cannot Bear to Face You

Your breakup might just be too hurtful for him to process. Women have the tendency to get back at men's insensitivity by throwing hurtful words, and he might just have had enough of your tactlessness. Give him time to heal. You never know, he might be the first to make a move to get you back when he has healed. Remember that if a man is really interested, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't like you, no reason is too big enough to stay.

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2. He Might Want to Teach You a Lesson

Men have their ways of being heard too, and this might not involve talking to you directly. Men do not like the long conversations of dos and don'ts, so he might have pulled a stunt of ignoring you to show you that you don't have the reigns to your relationship at all times. You have no way out but to make the first move of apologizing. Swallow your pride, and apologize to him even if it means you have to beg.

3. He is Too Tired to Make the First Move

Another negative trait of women when it comes to handling relationships is their habit of ending an argument with "Let's just breakup." Of course, men who are less complicated of the two species play the role of the pursuer and try to patch things up. However, his not doing anything to get you back might be his way of saying enough is enough. Thus, it is your turn to show him that your relationship really matters. Plan ways of wooing him to let him know that you are still interested.

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When you want to get your boyfriend back you have to use a lot of intelligence and make your patching up plan. Here is what you need to do to make your ex want you back.

Cooling off is a good idea

When you want to make your ex want you back you have to first cool off. Giving your ex the space that he needs to cool off is very important as you both will be able to get over the anger, hurt and frustration of the break up and be able to deal with things in a far more rational manner.

Do not get in touch with your ex at all

When you want your boyfriend to want you back then you have to create some scarcity in his life. When you do not get in touch with your ex boyfriend at all then he begins to miss you and wants to know why you are not trying to get him back.

Men want what they cannot have

Men follow the cardinal rule of wanting what they cannot have. If you want your boyfriend to want you back you have to make him feel that you don't 'want' him. Don't act desperate and make no attempt at attracting his attention.

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Don't bother to argue or convince your ex

When you want your ex to want you back then you cannot afford to argue or convince him to try to come back to you. Be completely indifferent to your man and he will know that you are not a woman to be taken for granted.

Don't let the break up affect the way you look

Men can be very superficial at times and to influence that angle you have to make it seem that the break up hasn't affected you at all. Look better than before and capable of attracting a lot of male attention.

Be civil when your ex talks to you

Your ex should feel that there is a tiny window of opportunity left with you. To do that you should talk in a very civil manner with your ex. Be open to discussion only if he talks of it and give him a ray of hope.

Make him feel that he should be the one waving the white flag

At no time should you make your ex feel that you are the one dying to get back together. Make him see that you are willing to take things to the way they were but only if he takes the initiative. Your ex will see that you are not going to wait forever and will want you back soon.

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Of course, every situation IS different, but on the whole, if you follow the same basic rules, then your break up will definitely be a thing of the past. Now, to get your ex back, the first thing you MUST do is cut all ties with your ex immediately. This might sound really drastic, but believe me, it's the right thing to do.

Your heart is telling you to go to your ex on bended knees and beg with all your heart to be taken back again - at the moment, you feel that this will get your ex to feel sorry for you, and take you back without question. You are absolutely right of course, your ex will feel VERY sorry for you, but he/she will definitely NOT take you back again - not this way!

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Your ex must take you back because he/she is so deeply in love with you, that he/she cannot stand to be apart from you. However, if you beg and plead to be taken back, your ex will feel nothing but utter contempt for you and will make an extra effort to avoid you at all costs!

So, to get your ex back, you need to first get over the break up - that is VERY important! Then, get yourself looking and feeling really great again, so that when you DO see your ex again, he/she will experience those overwhelming feelings of love for you again.

Having no contact with your ex at all for a while, will also allow you and your ex to miss each other again too, which is very important for you to get your ex back. After a while you will miss each other so intensely, that nature will take its course, and you will be drawn together, as if by a magnet!

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Even though you are totally devastated after the break up and want to get your ex back as soon as possible, don't be too hasty. The thing is, your ex dumped you and it is very important that you find out why your ex did this before you try to get back together again.

You might have tried to get hold of your ex to try to talk things over and found that your ex is avoiding you. This is really not a problem - you can find out everything you need to know without having to make any contact with your ex at all.

All you have to do to get all the information you need is to hang out with your friends. You have known them for a long time and they know everything about you and your ex. If they say that your ex dumped you because he/she had been talking about another person that he/she was interested in, then this could be a problem.

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It might be difficult to get your ex back under these circumstances. Your ex very obviously became attracted to someone else because his/her feelings for you were fading. In this case, it is best to accept that your relationship is indeed over and get on with your life.

However, if your friends say that your ex dumped you because of some specific issue that he/she had with you, then you should be able to fix this problem. Find out exactly what it is, and then go all out to do something about it. When you are satisfied that you have done all you can, then take action and try to get your ex back.

Again, don't be too hasty and call your ex. This could damage your plans to get your ex back. Give your ex some time to get over the break up first. This will make your ex a lot more approachable and it will be easier to talk to your ex. You will be able to explain in detail what your intentions are - how you're going to fix the mistakes you made.

Your ex is more relaxed now and will listen to what you have to say. This is your opportunity to get your ex back, so play your cards right, and you could succeed.

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