My Ex Avoids Me When She Sees Me: My Ex Avoids Me At All Costs - My Ex Avoids Me Like The Plague

What would you do if your ex girlfriend does not answer the phone, cuts off your telephone call even if she answers the phone and she doesn't talk to you or see you? This might be a hopeless situation, but there are still few avenues left.

1. Indirectly through mutual friends let her know you are still available
In Movies or TV shows especially in romantic comedies you see regularly a plot of broken hearted man going out or pretending to go out with other girls and making her jealous to get her back. But the reality is different and this can easily backfire on you.

Even if she was starting to miss you, if she finds out you are going out with other girls she will think you are emotionally detached from her. Now that she doesn't talk to you make sure indirectly let her know that you are still available.

2. Give time and space to yourself and her
It's easier said than done. But don't waste your energy on negative thoughts. Try to give a space and time to yourself and her. Start something that will enhance your confidence. It might be learning a new skill or spending more time with your favorite hobbies that you love. She will see you can manage your life back and respect your strength unexpectedly.

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3. Write a handwritten letter
She doesn't want to talk to you so avoid a phone call. The option is your well thought handwritten letter rather than a text message or an email. I know this is outdated old fashioned but it works as most of the women open the handwritten letter. You will at least get a chance to convey your feelings. By writing a letter you can collect your thoughts and revise contents without any impulsive verbal emotional words which make situation worse.

If you find it difficult to put in your own words, ask your female friends or maybe try sample drafts online. The look and feel of the letter is as important as the words. Ger a nice stationary put it in a matching envelope and send it off.

4. Keep it light hearted/upbeat
If she allows you to talk to her again, keep the mood upbeat. Don't start begging her to see you, or saying sorry for what you did wrong, arguing over the cause of the breakup. Who would like to see a person who is in the dark or aggressive mood? It is awkward and uncomfortable for her!!

Instead, give her an impression that seeing you again will be fun and worthwhile and won't involve any blaming or complaining. Try to make her smile and comfortable. Try to let her guard down and eliminate the bad taste from the break up.

If you really want to get back together even when she won't talk to you, it can be done. Tell mutual friends to let her know indirectly that you are still available, give space and time to yourself and her, collect yourself, and then send her a letter to make contact again.

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If you've recently suffered a breakup, there is a good chance that your ex doesn't want to talk to you anymore. You want him or her back and this is driving you mad! But, what if I told you that you could reverse your partners tune by not talking to them? You'd probably be shaking your head at this advice, thinking about how illogical the whole thing sounds. Believe it or not, it really does work, and it works quite well indeed.

You begged and pleaded with them to get back to you, and they couldn't get a word in edgewise - why bother with you at that point when you are coming across as desperate and emotionally unstable? When your ex doesn't want to talk to you anymore, there is a good chance that they are in need of some times and space to sort through their feelings.

You were both hurt and angered by the breakup and you have to accept that he or she is going to need time to get over their anger. A few days or weeks of silence from your end will allow him or her the space they need to move on. After that, they will be able to look back on the relationship clearly and see all the good times you had together, and then begin to miss you. If your ex doesn't want to talk to you anymore, you must give him or her space to regret their decision and decide to turn the tide.

This is a time for you to focus on you. You need distractions and to have some fun to help you heal and stay strong in your ability to maintain your distance. Besides, when you go out and about acting as though the breakup doesn't bother you one bit, your ex is most certainly going to take notice.

Spend time with your friends or family, they are great salves to the soul and will make you feel worlds better than staying home and moping your life away. You won't be tempted to contact your ex if you are out and about all the time.

When he or she sees that you have seemingly moved on, they are going to be sent reeling. There a good chance they'll change their tune and try to get in contact with you in short order, so they have a chance to get you back before it's too late.

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You are still having nightmares about the awful things you said to your ex when you broke up. You cannot believe that you could be so nasty to him/her! How can you hurt someone you love so much and make them so angry that they walk out on you? Will you ever get back together again?

You are really beating yourself up about what you said during THAT argument! You also have many unanswered questions that seem to be haunting you to the extent that you are losing sleep over it.

Let me put your mind at ease, at least a little, and tell you that you are by no means unique. Millions of people the world over have arguments that lead to their relationships failing, and just like you they also said some pretty bad things to their partners. The great thing is that most of these failed relationships were able to be fixed and are back on track again.

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This is human nature and the will to win. During the argument, you and your ex were trying to outdo each other. You were both trying to get a point across, and both thought that you were absolutely right. You defended your opinion with a vengeance.

However, the argument reached a stage where you had both run out of things to say. This is when you both started saying nasty things to each other. Even then you were trying to outdo each other, and would try your best to say something nastier than what was said to you.

Things just got too much for both of you and one of you walked out, swearing to never speak to the other again. Now you are both alone and left with really guilty feelings. You didn't mean to say those things but you were just so angry, they simply slipped out. Will you get back together?

If you and your ex still love each other deeply, the hurt and anger will eventually pass you will miss each other like mad, and will just HAVE to see each other again. Get back together after a break up? It is VERY possible - it just depends on how you handle the situation, that's all.

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So you want to get your ex back, but he/she is not budging? You miss them deeply; and the only response you get is calls which are never returned? You tell your ex you love them; and they seem to get mad and grossed out? Well, my friend, all of this is about to change! You see, with these 4 dirty tricks, your ex will not be able to reject you or turn you down after this...

Ignore them completely - No cheating! You must not contact your ex whatsoever! This will stop your ex from thinking you are easy, and he/she will no longer be able to take you for granted. It will also hit your ex hard, as it will feel like rejection; and it will instantly make your ex seek your attention again.

Date your ex's friends- Do this, and you will literally drive your ex nuts for you again; as he/she will not be able to stand his/her friends dating you! Your ex will also be jealous, and it will just force your ex to start desperately trying to get you back.

Agree with the breakup - This trick may not seem dirty at first glance, but it is in fact a psychological trick which will force your ex to become curious about you. You see, by agreeing with it, you appear to have moved on; and this will bother your ex that you can get over him/her so easily.

Become a social butterfly - Go to parties, gatherings, events and anything else you can get into doing. Take loads of pictures, and add as many people to your online profiles as friends as you can. Your ex will see this, and will see the great time you are having; and will become envious of the fact that you now appear to be better off than you were with him/her.

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