My Boyfriend Left Me Pregnant What Should I Do: My Boyfriend Left Me When I Got Pregnant

If you find yourself pregnant and alone because your boyfriend decided he wasn't ready to be a family man, you are not alone. Thousands of young women find themselves in this situation every year, as our culture makes premarital sex more and more acceptable. In fact, in most cities it is a given that college aged kids, and even high school kids now, will be sexually active.

So how to win an ex-boyfriend back while carrying his child? There is no tried and true method that will bring him around to your side and put him in your least not right away. Many men will have a change of mind once the baby is born and they officially become a father. Fatherhood changes a man and many will want to take care of that baby and will realize they love you.

But how to win an ex-boyfriend back right away when you don't want to wait? That will depend on your man and the reasons he left to begin with. If there are issues common to any couple such as someone feeling the other doesn't respect them or someone had an affair, then it can be accomplished just as with any other relationship. Keep the lines of communication open, show them you care and really want them back, and try to work out the issues before you add the baby to the situation.

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How to win an ex-boyfriend back when he is simply running away out of fear or conviction that he does not want to be a father yet is another story. The extent to which he is still in regular contact with you is going to determine how to win. An ex-boyfriend back in your life simply because he feels guilty about leaving you while pregnant is not the same as having an ex-boyfriend back because he truly loves you and wants to be back.

How to win an ex-boyfriend back when he is still talking to you daily and maybe even attending some prenatal doctor appointments will be easier than winning back an ex who has no interest in the pregnancy and will not speak to you.

If you are seeing your ex regularly let him know that you want him back without being obsessive or clingy. You don't want to cry and beg him every time you see him...if at all! Try to show him what it would be like if you were together as a family, by having him help set up the nursery or pick out things the baby will need. Get him involved as much as possible, especially taking him to see the ultrasound which will be your first glimpse at your little baby. There is a chance a man interested in the pregnancy but still scared will come around before the baby is born, or soon after.

How to win an ex-boyfriend back when he has no interest in the baby and has abandoned you is much harder, if not impossible. If he has completely cut himself off from the baby there is less chance he will be changed by fatherhood. Try sending him ultrasound pictures and keeping him updated on the pregnancy, even if he does not respond. You do not want to constantly harass him, but you can't disappear from his life either.

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Your boyfriend may have been the one who broke up with you, but that doesn't mean that you don't dream of him texting you one day and asking you to get back together, right? Although that dream might not come true for everyone, the good news is that texting your ex boyfriend back is entirely possible - even if he broke up with you for reasons that were completely your fault. You only have two choices on how to go about this, though, as follows:

1. Resist the urge to approach him through text first.

There will definitely be times after your breakup where you will feel an intense urge to text your ex and check up on him. You might even feel the need to tell him how you feel sometimes and maybe even beg him to get back together with you. This will not work when it comes to texting your ex boyfriend back, though.

As a matter of fact, if you put yourself out there too much, any feelings that he might still have for you could dissipate in mere seconds. Men don't like women who are needy, so if you want to get your ex back, you have to give him some space.

Basically, you just need to wait for him to approach you through text first. However, even if you start texting each other more and more as times goes by, make sure you play things cool. Although it is okay to let him know you miss everyone and then, you also need to show him that you are mature and independent now. This will make him more interested in you in the long run.

2. Do not text him at all.

No matter how much you want the world to swallow you up after the breakup, you have to keep living your life normally and stop thinking about texting your ex boyfriend back. Try do something with yourself instead. Change your hairstyle or your wardrobe. Start a new hobby or workout. Become a better version for yourself and your ex is sure to take notice in no time.

The truth of the matter is that your ex will become curious as to what you are doing nowadays if you aren't texting your ex boyfriend back. He will wonder whether you have moved on and whether you have somebody new in your life. Since men love what they cannot have, this is sure to work to your advantage. Try it!

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Getting an ex back is usually the goal of all those who feel that they made a big mistake when the relationship ended. If you are one of these people, don't be embarrassed, you are not alone. It's normal to miss your ex and have a hard time coping with the break up. It's definitely a big change from the happier days of your relationship.

But if getting an ex back is your goal, then you can't succumb to the sadness and heartbreak. Sure, it's hard at first. But eventually you're going to have to get back on your feet if you want to win your ex back.

There are lots of ways that can screw your chances of getting back together with your ex. One of them is saying the wrong things.

So what exactly should you say to your ex?

Respect his or her decision

Sometimes, not saying anything for a while can be helpful. During the first few days or weeks of a breakup, things are going to be rough. Remember that your ex is hurting too so you need to respect the decision they make.

If they decide it's best if the two of you have some time apart, then don't invade their privacy by sending emails or calling them all the time. Don't show up wherever they go or send them text messages because it shows that you don't really respect their decision. Now is not the time to nag and be a pest.

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I'm sorry

When a relationship ends, both are to blame. Remember that there are two sides to the story so you can't exactly point fingers and say that it's your ex's fault. If you want to show your ex that you care for him/her, then ask for forgiveness. Saying things like "I'm sorry if I hurt you" or "I'm sorry if I was a jerk" would tell your ex that you're truly sorry for what has happened.

Keep it private

Everyone gets affected when a breakup happens. Your friends and your ex's friends are all affected and it can get awkward to answer all their questions. It's best to keep things between you and your ex. You can tell your friends what happened but don't reveal all the details.

Also, if you reveal too much, then you risk one of you looking like the bad guy. Remember that there are two sides of the story. If you keep talking about the breakup, then you might get so into it that you might end up making up stories and making your ex look he or she is wrong. This won't work to your credibility and if your ex finds out, then he or she will find it immature. They'll think that maybe it is a good idea to break up with you.

If you know the things to say to get your ex back, then your situation would be a lot easier. Some would say that the key to getting back together would be saying the right words. You need to be careful though because it's often difficult to say the right words especially when it comes to expressing your emotions.

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This probably, at first glance, seems like some of the worst advice you've ever heard. But think about it for a moment and you will see how brilliant the strategy really is. Think about denying yourself something - something you love, your favorite food, accessory, mode of entertainment, anything really - and the next thing you know, all your thoughts are centered around nothing else. This strategy can be a very effective one to employ if you want to make your ex miss you. Cutting off contact with your ex for awhile is like depriving them of something they love, it will drive them mad and make your ex miss you like crazy!

The first thing you need to do after cutting off contact is to get your emotions in order. Chances are they will still be trying to get in touch with you. They are likely going to say things that are intended to provoke an emotional response from you. What they are looking for is reinforcement that you still have feelings for them. Do not give them the satisfaction. Cutting off all contact does not mean being rude when you see them. You must not react emotionally, and if they try to rub a new flame in your face, congratulate them and move on. They are just trying to make you jealous and you should not allow this to get to you.

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If you fall prey in their attempts to bait you into confirming that you do love them and you do still care, you could set yourself back months in trying to make your ex miss you. Fight the urge to act out emotionally and act, at least towards them, as if there is nothing they could do to bother you. This is going to throw them for a huge loop as you are not acting as expected. These truly pathetic attempts at making you jealous or trying to provoke you are just indications that your plan to make your ex miss you like crazy is working like a charm.

Your ex will be thinking about you constantly - about why you don't seem bothered, and what they did to lose that special place in your life - and this is exactly what you want. You want your ex to remember the good times, what a fun person you were to be with, and then see that you have the ability to move on, without them. This will make your ex miss you and put a fire under their butts to kick them into action to try to get you back before someone else snatches you up!

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