My Boyfriend Is Angry With Me: What To Do When Your Boyfriend Is Mad At You

"My boyfriend is angry with me and I don't know what to do," said the woman afraid that a break up was in her very near future. When the man you love gets upset with you nothing in your world feels right anymore. You feel uneasy and you're in a constant state of concern. You wonder if he'll ever get over what he's feeling right now or if the issue that caused this rift will haunt you forever. You are the only one who can fix this situation and time is of the essence. Unless you do something drastic quickly his anger can fester to the point where he'll never forgive you and he'll walk away from you and from the relationship.

Be honest with yourself about why your boyfriend is angry with you. This is not the time to wallow away in self pity because he's pulled back and is upset with you. You have to think about what happened between the two of you and what you did that caused him to become so temperamental with you. Perhaps you said something in your rage that was unflattering and hurt his feelings. Maybe you were dishonest with him or you did something that you knew would be difficult for him to accept and now he's found out. Regardless of what it is you have to acknowledge it and accept that you made a mistake that has caused this situation to happen.

Apologizing is the obvious thing to do but it does have to be offered in a very specific way. It must come from a place of genuine remorse. If you're just going to tell him you're sorry for the sake of getting him to forgive you, don't do it. He needs to know and feel that you sincerely regret what you did. The only way you can present an apology like this is if you do feel badly for what happened. Once you reach that point, call him up and offer him your regrets. It's a good idea to not go into long winded details about how you'll change and be a better person, that's something you're going to be showing him.

You need to be completely understanding as you work to rebuild your bond with your boyfriend. Once you've made your apology, don't focus on what you did wrong. Just tell him that you're available to talk about it if he chooses. Don't push the issue or ask him if he's forgiven you yet.

Use each day to show your boyfriend that you've changed. If you caused the fight that resulted in him being angry with you, work on calming yourself so there aren't any fights in your future. If a mistake you made began the conflict, show him that you will never make that mistake again. Although it can take some time for a person to offer their forgiveness, don't give up. If you love him it's worth all this effort to pull him close to you again.

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A lot of people feel that a break up is the final line that separates two people for good. But the truth is that break ups keep happening all the time and thousands of these couples also come back together. Here is what you need to do if you want to get someone back after the break up.

Back off for a while
When you try to sort things out when either one of you is upset or angry you should know that you'll never reach a solution. So, if you are really upset or if your ex is angry with you it's better to back off before you are at each other's throats.

Think about your issues
Take some time to spend with yourself and think about the issues that cropped up in your relationship. Take into account all the things that your ex complained about. No matter how insane or silly these may sound you have to at least consider them if you want a reconciliation.

Have the solutions ready
Once you have the problems cleared all you need to do is figure out a solution. If it was your messy and procrastinating nature that drove your ex up the wall or if it was your constant need for validation, get solutions ready.

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Wave the white flag
Once you are sorted in your head it is time to wave the white flag and end the war. You will have to make the first move as you are the one who wants the relationship back. Approach your ex in a mature manner and tell him/her that you really don't need to fight and avoid each other. Tell your ex that you realize and understand where he/she is coming from and all you want is for the bitterness to end.

Sort out your differences
Once you are back on talking terms use the right opportunity and sort out the past differences that you both had. Show her/him that you are respecting their decision and need their help to be a better person. This will surely bring you two closer.

Now is not the time to point fingers
When you are talking about differences you will hear a lot of accusations. Some of them might even be too far fetched and you'll want to shut your ex up and tell him/her how ridiculous they too have been - Bad idea. Don't point fingers. Listen and learn should be your motto.

Start afresh
Gradually build on your new relationship. Start as friends and grow together and soon you'll see that you are back in a relationship.

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If you have just recently had a breakup, then you know exactly how hard it can be. A lot of the time we are battling a variety of emotions including confusion, devastation, and pain. To make things worse, many of our closest friends and family members will not support our decisions. The good news is, there are many ways how to win your ex boyfriend back. Here's 3 great tips...

Make The Decision - This is the first step. You need to decide whether or not you should get back with your ex. One of the best ways to solve this problem is to think back into the past. If you remember constantly arguing with each other, then you probably should think about moving on.

However, If you look back into the past and find out that the majority of the time you two were having a splendid time, then you should do whatever it takes to win your ex boyfriend back.

Take A Day Off - This is very important. You should try to take a day off from EVERYTHING. (even work... if you can) During this day you need to relax and reflect. This is a time to clear out all your emotions that are inside. You also need to try and pinpoint where the relationship went wrong.

If you pin-point the exact reasons why the relationship didn't work, it will make it much easier to fix the problems. Again, this day is to clear your head, and think of what went wrong.

Have A Plan - Having a plan is the MOST IMPORTANT PART. There are many ways how to win your ex boyfriend back but at the same time, there are just as many ways to completely screw up your chances of getting him back.

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Relationships end for a reason. Usually, they end because your partner has lost interest with you, so how do you make your ex desperate to come to you again? I bet you will give anything to spend quality time with your ex right now. But no need to feel down and depressed, your ex is feeling the exact same way.

The key is to make your ex miss you and intensify these feelings. By doing this will allow them to think about you more and I'm confident that they will be desperate to come back to you again!

The best way to intensify these feelings is to make no contact with your ex from now on. Don't email, don't text; by all means don't phone them. It's going to hard to begin with but you will have to keep your mind occupied. You can easily do this by doing the things you enjoy, or perhaps maybe be adventurous and spontaneous by doing new things and enjoy life more.

As soon as you stop contacting and calling your ex, they will begin to wonder what is happening. They will wonder what you're doing. They will wonder who you're with. They will become puzzled and constantly think if you're seeing someone else. By creating this confusion of no contact it is going to make your ex desperate to come back to you.

As highlighted earlier, the next best thing is to do things you enjoy doing. Make sure you look great, try to create jealousy with your ex. By doing this will make them think that you're happy without your ex and they will want you back.

By combining all of these techniques will only make your ex want you back. It will confuse your ex; increase your ex's curiosity about you even more. Use these techniques today and you'll know exactly how to make your ex desperate to come back to you again.

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