Books are a man’s best friend. Whatever the age, the gender, the situation, the profession, reading books is a common hobby. Students of Top Engineering Colleges in Chennai, school kids, busy architecture students, software professionals, all make time to read books of their choice. Books can be of any kind, ranging from romance to business tactics to cookery. Kids enjoy reading comics, men enjoy reading car magazines, women use cook books to prepare tasty food. Here’s another interesting genre of books- crime. Who doesn’t like suspense, thriller and mystery? It is one of the most intriguing genres of books. Here are a few must-read detective novels for young adults.
The hound of Baskervilles – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The name Sherlock Holmes always brings a sharp smile on any mystery lover’s face. He certainly goes down as one of the most famous fictional detectives of all times. Although all the books are brilliant pieces of work, this one stands on the top. Charles Baskervilles dies suddenly of a heart attack amid rumors that his death was not natural. Holmes and Watson accompany Henry Baskerville when he comes down to claim his inheritance. The story revolves around the town of Baskerville where a mysterious hound is seen every late night and it is up to Holmes to find out the truth behind this mystery. The story has many twists and there is always an air of suspense. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is unarguably a legendary writer!
The murder on the orient express- Agatha Christie
“The little grey cells” is a familiar phrase used commonly by the fictional detective created by Agatha Christie, Hercule Poirot. Out of the many books this stout Belgian detective appears in, this one’s a favorite. Poirot is returning back to London on the Orient Express. While on board a snow drift stops their train. Mister Rachette who would’ve earlier tried to hire Poirot because he believed his life was threatened is murdered. It is up to this famous Belgian detective to find out who murdered him and why. A series of events and investigations lead him to find out the true identity of Rachette and the real killer (or should we say killers).

Gaudy night- Dorothy L Savers
A mystery novel written by Dorothy, this one is sure to keep you guessing. This is the third novel featuring Harriet Vane, a crime writer. Harriet is unexpectedly invited back to her university for the “Gaudy Dinner”. The Dean later writes her a letter asking for help since there had been an outbreak of anonymous letters and threats probably from within college. Harriet agrees to investigate and resides in the college for the next few months. While trying to narrow down the list of suspects and avert a major scandal in colleges, she also faces many personal challenges. Wimsey, with whom she was in a relationship with arrives in college and helps her investigate the matter further. The criminal is finally caught after a series of investigations and towards the novel of the novel a romantic surprise also awaits!
Arthur and George- Julian Barnes
Written by Julian Barnes this I based on a true story. Part of the book is based on the story of George Edalji, a solicitor who was thrown in prison for a crime he did not commit. Another part of the book is based on the life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who as mentioned before is the author of the famous detective novel, Sherlock Holmes. The book narrates how Conan Dolye tried to clear Edalji’s name. the fact that this story is not completely fictional makes it all the more interesting.
Kill you last – Todd Strasser
Shelby’s father runs a photography and modelling agency. Soon, he is connected to three different cases of missing girls. Shelby also starts receiving threatening e-mails swearing revenge. The world holds her father guilty, but she does not believe this and decides to do a little investigating of her own.
These are just a few books worth a read. I’m sure you won’t keep these books down until you finish them. The undying suspense builds curiosity, and this curiosity sparks the imagination. Books can certainly do wonders!

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