Understanding what’s hot among millennial homebuyers can be a daunting task but it could be one of the best investments you make this year. Millennials represent the largest consumer generation and it seems like they are reshaping every industry from the business world, including the housing market. They have a huge influence on the housing trends and they are very focused on finding exactly what they want before purchasing a house for their own.

In the last several years, there has been an influx of millennial home buyers as it seems that the generation is growing in their careers and pay off their student loan debts. Despite the misconception claiming that millennials avoid buying homes because they are more willing to relocate for a secure job and their increasing passion for traveling around the world, many of them are already looking to settle down at their homes and start families.

How millennials are changing the housing market?

Millennial housing trends have been shaped due to the rise of internet and smartphones which have empowered them to do their own research before making any financial commitment. Researchers suggest that millennials are researchers by nature as they are always informed by the latest hot topics, best businesses, and newest trends. Millennial home seekers always do their homework before they start hunting on the housing markets because they want to make sure they know what they want and how to get their dream house. They leverage technology by researching for the best neighborhoods, school systems, and homes online. So, millennials want homes but they don’t just want any home. Read below what investments you should make in your property to sell it to millennial homebuyers.

Invest in renovations

According to various studies on millennial consumer housing preferences, millennials are usually skipping the starter home and want something bigger and more expensive as they are already planning to start a family when they decide to purchase their own house.  Yet, a bigger house doesn’t necessarily mean that the houses need to be extravagant and filled with house features. In fact, millennial home buyers prefer simple houses that offer efficiency. Therefore, you shouldn’t go beyond and above to change your property completely. Many millennials report that they prefer newly constructed homes to avoid renovations and plumbing and electricity problems and they don’t have time or money for home renovations. So, the least you can do to make your house more appealing to young buyers is to invest in renovations such as replacing the plumbing system, repaint the walls of the house or replacing your old doors by choosing between modern door options.

Embrace smart-home technology

Millennial homebuyers have also changed the housing market by shifting their focus from the price of the property to placing higher importance on its attributes. Real estate experts claim that smart homes sell faster among younger homebuyers regardless of their price. The reason behind this is very simple, their affinity for technological advancements make smart homes look more appealing to them. Younger prospective buyers put a huge price on home safety which is why they want to find in their new homes safety-enhancing gadgets such as fire detectors, thermostats, door locks, and security cameras. Smart-home technologies not only make the properties become safer, but they also help to save a lot of money by using energy efficient technologies such as thermostats.

Improve your kitchen

Who would have thought that the kitchen will become one of the top attractions among prospective homebuyers? Yet, surprising as it may be, it has happened and it is actually considered to be the heart of the home. In fact, a modern and updated kitchen has been placed on the top of the list of ideal home features. For millennials, the kitchen is such an important part of their dream home because they consider that it is where all the family gatherings are happening and due to their increasing desire for healthy lifestyles and eating habits. If your property has an old and updated kitchen, only by investing in improving it, it will significantly boost the value of your home as long as you don’t overboard and make it fancier than the rest of the house. However, small improvements such as changing knobs and resurfacing cabinets can totally make a difference in how the kitchen will look like.

Add eco-friendly features

The business world has learned the lesson that businesses need to go green or go home when it comes to millennial consumers. So, there is no surprise that eco-friendly housing features are the newest trend in the housing market. Millennial consumers are more aware of the environmental concerns existing today, so they want to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. You should invest in home features such as double-paned windows, LED lighting, and renewable energy power sources like a wind turbine or solar panels to attract younger buyers who want a greener home.

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Cynthia Madison