Online music is what people crave to hear when they feel stressed or stuck in traffic. There are many online streaming sites wherein people can listen to their favorite songs or podcasts. Aspiring musicians need to come up with a good strategy to make their music heard to a large audience. 

Digital Music Distributor is the Key

Everything is available digital nowadays. The same applies to music. Artists compose music and submit them to the music distributors. These distributors then distribute the music to online streaming websites such as Spotify, iTunes and many more. 

These online distributors might charge the artists an annual fee, or take a cut from the profits earned. If the music does not sell, the music distributor will not make a profit. Some might even charge based on the number of songs or albums released. The distributors then upload the music to all the online streaming websites. 

When it comes to digital music distribution for budding artists, companies like MusicDigi can become their stepping stone to success. Artists need to sign up to their website and create the music release. 

The correct prices need to be set and let MusicDigi distribute the music to popular streaming websites. All the paperwork and promotion is handled by them, making it easier for artists to concentrate on creating new music. 

One must do their homework when it comes to choosing the right music distributor. There are two types of online music distributors:

  • Bulk Distributors
  • Specialty Distributors

Bulk distributors work with numerous online music platforms to distribute the music. Specialty distributors, on the other hand, work with independent record labels or indie artists. In addition to this, they also offer physical distribution services. 

Choosing the wrong online music distributor can lead to them stealing the royalties of the artists without their permission. A legal agreement needs to be signed with the distribution agency so that the royalties are not collected by them. 

Credible online music distributors like MusicDigi will collect the royalties earned by the artist’s music and allow them to encash them for free. One needs to sign a legal agreement with the distribution agency. 

Artists need to have the right promotional strategy in place when it comes to selling their music to online distributors. Many companies might be skeptical of releasing the music of new artists. This is where music catalogs need to be shown to grab the interest of the agency. 

Criteria for Selecting the Right Music Distribution Agency

Budding artists might easily get swindled by fake companies. Below are a few points that one might want to take into consideration when it comes to selecting a music distribution agency:

  • Go for licensed music distributors
  • Check their music delivery time
  • Read the legal agreement thoroughly before signing the deal
  • Understanding the different codes such as UPC/ ISRC and EAN codes and revenues generated from these
  • Understanding how the payment works for online music distribution and choosing the right one


Check for reviews and ratings of the distributors before finalizing them. Choosing the right music distributor is the most crucial step if artists need to reach out to the right target audience and gain popularity. 

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