One of my favorite anime (aka, Japanese cartoons) is Great Teacher Onizuka

Onizuka Eikichi, the hero, is an ex-gangster who becomes a teacher, in order to hit on female students.

As a former gangster, Onizuka is ri-donk-ulously strong. He can beat multiple guys, throw bowling balls like they were tennis balls, and land on a car after falling from the 5th floor and survive.

As he explains, one of his secrets is his daily exercise regimen.

Each day he does 1,000 pushups, 2,000 squats and (I think) 5,000 sit-ups.

Sounds impressive right?

However, there’s a big problem.

You see, doing the same number of reps each day stops being beneficial after a while. Why? Because, your body gets used to the training stimuli. When this happens, it no longer has to become stronger. And you won't trigger extra muscle growth.

Take for example the 1,000 push-ups.

After 2-3 weeks and if you want to keep building muscle, you’d have to challenge yourself in new ways.

You could add extra reps.

You could add weights on your back.

You could try a harder push-up variation.

You should do *something* new. Something that will give your body a different stimuli than what it’s used to. When you recover from the stimuli you’d get stronger and, over time you’ll build more muscle.

You might think the above is common sense.

But looking at how men train today, I’d say that common sense is not so common after all.

If it was, men wouldn’t ignore this basic physiological reality: To grow bigger and stronger you need to *constantly* challenge yourself.

Heck, I’d take it a step further and suggest that, as a man, you should constantly challenge yourself in every area of your life.

You should improve in bizness, relationships, skills, knowledge, etc.

The moment you stop challenging yourself is the moment you begin feeling “off”.

That's why many young men in their 20’s nowadays feel like something’s missing. When we discuss, they discover they’ve not challenged themselves in years. No wonder something’s off - their endless masculine energy stays trapped inside them. Unless they channel their energy into something constructive or helpful, they’ll keep feeling horrible.

(I’ll even say that many first-time male criminals are doing what they’re doing because they’ve not channeled their abundant energy somehow, but that’s another discussion for another time)

So to wrap this up:

If you’re not been challenging yourself in new and creative ways, then you are wasting your precious time.

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