What is MSM? It’s an abbreviation for methylsulfonylmethane, an organic form of sulfur. In its purified form, it is an odorless white crystal, looking very much like table sugar. It is not a medicine or a drug. It is a natural substance, occurring in the body and in plants, and is not harmful to the body in any way. As a matter of fact, there are many benefits of MSM.

What are the benefits of MSM? There are a variety of MSM benefits including: reduction of swelling or inflammation, alleviation of painful arthritis, alleviation of muscle or joint pain, helps with the reduction of scar tissue, allows tissue repair, detoxifies the body, increases blood circulation, and much more. MSM allows water and nutrients to flow freely into cells while allowing wastes and toxins to flow out. It is a non-toxic powerful detoxifier. It is not a cure-all, but helps to provide relief from pains, aches, and soreness of muscles and joints.

MSM is usually taken orally but, instead, you can find a unique use of it in natural, homemade, bath salts. The combination of MSM, Dead Sea salts, regular sea salts and goat milk provides the perfect combination of natural ingredients found in homemade bath salts. Dead Sea salts and regular sea salts have, at least, some amount of every mineral on Earth. Soaking in a tub of salty water, with MSM, enables the process of osmosis to facilitate the exchange of toxins from inside the body for needed minerals dissolved in the water. Goat milk offers skin softening properties.

Natural, homemade, bath salts soften and soothe skin while relieving aches and pains of muscles or joints, plus offers aromatherapy benefits too! It is available in a variety of natural fragrances: rose petals, raspberries and violets, earth-herbal blend, earth apple blend, fresh lemon, and lavender scent. Since homemade bath salts are, carefully, handcrafted it can even be customized to accommodate your favorite fragrances! This natural bath product is also available as Au Natural, unscented, with no added fragrance. Natural, homemade, bath salts offer a variety of benefits!

If you are looking for soft skin with relief from muscle or joint pain all with aromatherapy benefits and MSM benefits, you may consider using natural, homemade, bath salts. This natural bath product comes in an eight-ounce size, beautifully packaged with its own wooden spoon for easy handling. Homemade bath salts can help you relax and be a great natural stress buster!

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