Determination and consistent hard-work are perhaps the secret ingredients that many working professionals aspiring to crack the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC).
Be smart in picking topics
The portion from which only one odd question was asked in the previous year papers, Toppers says that he did not devote time to such topics. “For example, world history, which is a vast topic, is one that I did not prepare. I studied the previous year papers and found that very few questions were asked from the topic. I ensured that I had a basic understanding of the topic and nothing more,” he says.
Look out for patterns
When one spends enough time analysing the mppsc previous years question paper, Toppers says that a pattern will start to emerge. I therefore focused on such topics while giving lesser attention to the other topics,” he says. Aspirants will be able to find such patterns when they spend enough time on previous year question papers.
Revision is the key
When aspirants choose to study a part of the syllabus, revision becomes key to their success. “Even if you have been able to complete only 60 per cent of the portion, ensure that you revise that part thoroughly and score as much as possible with that portion itself,” says Toppers. Along with revision, keep working on mock tests. Analyse the results in the mock tests and work on your weak areas accordingly. You should prefer mock test of a best mppsc coaching which are teaching since many year because experience leads success says mppsc coaching in indore.
Set reminders and alarms
Making use of technology, Toppers says that he would set an alarm or reminder for everything that needed to be done. “From waking up at a scheduled time to having my morning coffee – everything worked on schedule,” he says. He also used the time he spent commuting efficiently. He would read the newspaper and current affairs compilation by Insights during her travel each day. With each small milestone, Toppers felt more confident to continue working with a set schedule.
Focus on smart work
Aspirants, especially those who are preparing along with handling a full-time job, must be smart when it comes to preparing. “Do not fall into the trap of reading everything under the sun. You do not have the luxury of time, so be smart in choosing what you study. Focus on limited content from limited resources,” he says. Use the time you must revise ‘n’ number of times, rather than picking up newer mppsc notes and material.
Learn from mistakes
Having appeared for the SSE five times already, Toppers admits to making several mistakes. “The MPPSC SSE is physically and mentally draining and aspirants must be prepared for the same. Plan for it and do not just jump into it because of peer pressure or any other reason,” he says. He also says aspirants must take calculated risks while deciding to prepare for the exams.
Believe in positive affirmations
Keep feeding yourself with positive thoughts and re-affirmations. Citing a personal experience, Toppers says, “I would often practice my success speech that I would give aspirants next year. I pictured my photograph at the wall of the academy, and these small things help me visualise the success that lay ahead of me.” Toppers used positive visualisation to keep herself motivated all through her journey.
In conclusion, he says, “Remember that just working on the preparation for MPPSC will build your confidence levels. Stay sane during the preparation period and refrain from comparing your progress with others around you. With this preparation with you, remember that you will be amongst the smartest people in a room full of people.”

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