The Provincial Nominee scheme is a specially designed scheme to enable anyone to immigrate into Canada with ease. Annually, the scheme allows a lot of immigrants to get a long-term residence permit.

Furthermore, out of the numerous avenues designed to gain entry into Canada, this scheme remains the leading pathway. As such, the government is looking towards increasing the quota and funds for its continual success. This article intends to give a detailed look at the program, its pros, submit an application, and how long it takes.

Who can submit an application for this program?

Every territory in the country has its distinct rules and requirements to submit an application for the program. For instance, some regions need specific skill sets while others need people who can speak a particular language. In essence, each province looks to bring in people that can contribute to its economic and all-around growth. The overall effect is to have the country filled with problem solvers and increase its reputation globally.

If you wish to be eligible, you must fulfill the criteria of a particular territory. These criteria range from having a specific degree, skill set, or talent. You must also show a strong intent to live in the country for a particular period.

Also, there are many streams, also known as subcategories, in every province's program. Visit camovers, a firm known for car shipping across Canada, if you want to know more about your options.

How to submit an application for the program

You have to undergo two necessary steps when submitting an application. First of all, you have to look for several available programs using online trackers. Once you find a compatible province, check the criteria and make sure you are fit. The next thing is to submit an application to the region. If you are successful, you will get a nomination certificate. After that, submit a long-term residence form to the Canadian government. You can do this the conventional paper way or go through a special express entry scheme.

After submitting an application to the Canadian government, you only need to wait for the approval and, after that, a long-term residence permit. In essence, the territories do not possess the independent power of granting long-term entry into the country.

Another important consideration for those who wish to submit an application under an enhanced subcategory is to have a special express entry scheme profile. Indeed, many territories have a relationship with the set criteria used by the special express entry scheme. As such, intending applicants must ensure that they are registered and among the list of nominees.


You have numerous ways to enter Canada, but the Provincial Nominee scheme remains a sure bet for moving if you possess the required skill set for a particular territory. However, you must ensure that your record is clean and your documents are well prepared and up to date. It would also help if you endeavored to join a movers community to know which program is available through live trackings and group discussion.

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