What does it look like to feel limitless and creative? How does it work? Becoming limitless can seem very nebulous. Through this article we will discuss how it works, how it feels and how it can be achieved.

Most people following a spiritual path have come to believe that their thoughts create their reality. This is only part of the equation, and a person must move beyond this to create limitlessness. As a person starts to question what they have believed, the process of limitlessness begins. Unfortunately, nothing you have been taught is necessarily true.

When you move into a state of unknowing and questioning everything, you activate the larger part of yourself, the soul self or true brilliance of you. As this part of you activates, you are no longer in the mind of thought creation. The realization arises that a part of you, but not separate from you, is all knowing. This part of you is not in the mind, but is rather your “I AM PRESENCE,“ the true creative genius.

When your I AM presence activates, an inner calling, intuition or knowing starts to form. You realize that the mind is limited, but the soul self (I AM) is not limited and can see possibilities that the mind can’t. The process the I AM uses is inspiration. This inspiration seems to come out of nowhere. An inner calling to go somewhere, call someone, or do something emerges.

What a person then needs to understand is that a surrendering to a more expanded part of yourself must take place. As you surrender to this I AM, your brilliance, the mind takes a back seat. You no longer try to figure out things or think things through. You move to a place of silence and act on internal guidance. As this empowerment of the true you emerges, anything that is limiting you will show up to be released.

The limits that show up are gifts. These limits are only indicators of where you are still thinking or feeling in limited ways. So the minute you start to feel restricted, ask your I AM – where am I stuck? The answer will always be about you – it is never about someone else! What will show up is the programming you have accepted as true.

The following two quotes from Rumi help bring this to light:

“The soul has been given its own ears to hear things the mind does not understand.”

“Respond to every call that excites your spirit.”

The concept of a more expanded I AM presence can be difficult for some to embrace. After all, you have been taught that you are your body and that your intelligence comes from your brain. Famous people throughout the ages have claimed the answers they sought came from another source. This source solved their problem when they inquired and asked for answers. Sometimes the answer would appear in their dreams or when they were busy doing something else.

This SOURCE is your I AM presence. All of us have this but have not been taught how to access it. When this part of ourselves is activated, joy and happiness exist. You will not feel fearful, as you know your I AM is always with you to move you into a more expanded place.

If you are having challenges in accessing your limitless creativity, please book a session. We would be happy to help you move into your creativity and brilliance. Everyone has brilliance. Everyone has gifts to share with the world.

Jeanne Henderson is a Reality Upgrader at www.GotoSource.org. Contact Jeanne to dismantle blocks and limited beliefs in order to move into freedom and unlimited potential. To reach Jeanne, click www.gotosource.org/get-help/. To sign up for weekly updates, visit our website.

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Jeanne Henderson works with you to expose the blocks and limiting programs that keep you stuck. She will help move you to a more expanded awareness where connection to your authentic self can be realized. Through this dismantling of outdated perceptions and beliefs you can move into freedom and unlimited potentials.

Jeanne has worked with Shamans, is a Reiki Master, Psychic and Reality Upgrader.