Grief is one of the hardest journeys that we might have to face. The fact is that grief changes us in a way that will never be the same. But we can learn to use grief as a healthy tool, and move forward in life.

First, while you must grieve, you can't stay there. The question that you have to ask yourself, is how to get past the grief, and move into an place were joy can come back to our lives?

Here are some things that you can do, to move from grief, to joy.

1. Your loved one still has a piece of your heart. They might not be around physically, but you can still have a relationship of sorts with your life.

- You can always connect to your loved one via prayer, meditation, or through your own private conversation.

- You can use this method to connect to your loved one at any time that you'd like.

2. You don't have to stop talking about them. You can connect with others who are grieving loved ones as well.

- You can share the good times, the memories, the weird times, all of the things that made them special in your life. You have permission to share your memories with others.

- Tell others what reminds you of the loved one

- Celebrate the person that they were in your life.

3. Create a legacy about them. You don't want to forget what joy and contributions that they brought to your life.

- You can do something like make a donation in their name, or plant a tree, or anything else that would honor their memory.

4. They'd want you to go on with your life. Some people feel guilty about moving on, but know that your loved one wants what's best for you. To this end, it's okay to be happy.

- Seek out new interest, because they would want this for you.

- Share the impact of joy with others that your loved one gave to you.

Losing the one that you love is very hard to endure. But you can get past it. Our loved one would want this for us. They would be proud of us when we continue to move on with life. And we can have our own special relationship with them that endures through time.

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