Move to, and Live in, the place in your mind where you have always been healthy and happy! “Simple” I hear you say!

Our Neuronet or Brain Network has an unlimited ability to form new connections or networks. These neurochemical networks or thoughts, along with our environment, determine our physiology and gene expression.

The more one loops a thought, runs a motor program, or dwells on a limiting belief, the more readily it can again be accessed. As the connections strengthen, the action becomes habit. Driving a car subconsciously is one example of this.

Try brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand. As a chiropractor I give a simple exercise to the young children I see in my clinic. Each day their task is to use a different hand to brush their teeth with. If this is achieved for long enough they become efficiently skilled for life. The younger we start practicing, the more plastic our neurology is. Can the same concept be applied to thinking about the things you want to manifest in your

My name is Dr Howard Cameron and I am a natural health scientist. I am passionate about helping people to help themselves.

Choosing what to focus on, what to think about, and what internal language to use, is every individual’s responsibility. Anchoring our present thoughts to limiting past experiences makes no sense. The old programs we are running are no longer real. The reason we are so attached to these limiting programs is because they have been chemically reinforced. This is especially true if the emotions of fear and pain were involved.

For every different emotion there is a different chemical sequence, which the receptors on our cells need to recognise. We practically become addicted to running these old chemical loops. Here’s why. The cells of the entire body apart from the Central Nervous System (Brain and Spinal Cord) renew themselves. The more specialised the cells the longer it takes for cell turnover (cellular rejuvenation). The role of our genes is to express the genome required to adapt to our environment. The cells then produce the required proteins. Here’s where things get interesting. As the cells turn over,
they become more efficient at dealing with the chemical sequences involved with running limiting thoughts. This process is called receptor upregulation. The protein that these cells then produce is of a different nature. This explains how stressful thoughts can cause dis-ease(verb) leading to changes
in cellular morphology.

Solution: A new way of thinking or a behavioural strategy which has its roots in Neuroscience, Neurolinguistic Programming and Quantum Physics. Creating your own reality is a way of experiencing life rather than a so called ‘positive thinking’ tool. It is applicable to happiness, health, wealth and abundance.

The application of one’s philosophy creates an experience. The experience must then be reinforced as knowingness. The brain uses symmetrical, real life images to evoke feelings. If I get you to imagine freshly cut grass, you do not see the written words do you? Besides seeing neat green grass you may even get a tingling nose as the image evokes a unique smell.

Put simply;
??Dream your ultimate reality
??Imagine accurate images of this reality
??Get a feeling from this image (freshly cut grass)
??Be prepared to act. The strength of your dream determines your ability to hold focus. This is usually evident by how enthusiastically (Greek: from the God within) you act.

The human brain doesn’t know the difference between what it imagines and what is reality. The brain gets an image and the body then gets a feeling (physiology). Our internal dialog and language patterns are very important in determining our reality. If I say to you; at all costs, DO NOT imagine a big pink elephant, you are already there! A Google search engine works in exactly the same way. If I enter the words “Do not find Pink Elephants” then
Google will find every possible website regarding pink elephants. Your brain behaves in exactly the same way. This idea equates to dwelling on a problem in your mind rather than asking questions of a possible solution.

In my chiropractic practice, when initially assessing someone’s spine, some people instantly regard themselves as inflexible. They use inflexible language such as stiff and stuck, and generally say they have always been that way (Have you ever seen an inflexible 7 year old?). Their physiology matches this belief system so they create the results of someone who is inflexible.

We must BE who we want to be. We will then DO the things that those BEings do. We can then HAVE the results that those beings have. This puts the term Well-Being into context. ‘I will be happy when I lose 20kgs’ implies that we are unhappy with our current state of being. The belief system or neuronet must change before the person’s state of being can.

If the same “stiff, 20kg overweight” person came to my clinic for help, I must help them to establish the intent or purpose for their visit. If his or her intent was to lose 20kgs in weight and merely relieve the pain associated with inflexibility, then the real issues will not be properly addressed. One must focus on Well-Being and providing the body with that clear mindset.

Manifesting Spiritual, Physical and Chemical balance makes more sense than getting liposuction and taking painkillers?
What must be addressed are the limiting belief patterns associated with the chemical and emotional addictions- emotions such as guilt, lack of self worth, judgement, insecurity etc. We can bypass these patterns by ‘moving neighbourhood’.

In summary, our subconscious mind through our senses, absorbs an amazing amount of information. Our focus and intent determines what information is brought forward into the conscious mind. This determines our physiology and gene expression. Our eyes are merely the receptors scanning for information to validate our intent and focus. Therefore, your attitude is everything.
When one’s focus is to merely survive, how can you possibly create a reality in which to thrive?

Evolve your Brain-Dr Joe Dispenza
Molecules of Emotion-Dr Candice Pert
Biology of Belief-Dr Bruce Lipton

Author's Bio: 

Dr Howard Cameron is a chiropractor based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. His thriving clinic Ecolife Chiropractic has clients from all walks of life from elite athletes and Olympians to everyday Mums, Dads and children. Howard is passionate about his profession, health and healing.