People have different issues with motivation. Some people find it hard to begin a task or project or goal, while others find it excruciatingly hard to complete. Both ends of the tasks are often the hardest to accomplish. It could be because the task is unpleasant, uninteresting, or lacks the thing that makes you feel motivated and start working. When having troubles with getting or staying motivated, try the following tips.

Kick the habit of procrastination: Procrastination is very enticing. Many people are led down this path. However, never for a second believe it is satisfying road to take. Procrastination eats up a lot of time while never moving you toward completion of your task. Procrastination also leaves that lingering, powerful guilty feeling that saps the energy out of your body, mind and spirit.

There is the unwashed laundry. There is the unfinished business plan. The project that lays idle on your table. All these are reminders that you haven’t accomplished anything because of your habit of procrastination. Procrastination produces a half-pleasure, half-guilt feeling by releasing you from the task and yet reminding you that you should be completing the task. Procrastination is one of the most blatant motivation stoppers around.

Push yourself: Over-pampering yourself is a bad habit and could be fatal. You may not lose your life while procrastinating, but you can lose your job and opportunities for success whenever you hesitate and delay your tasks. No one consciously wants to miss out on these things. Make every task a game where you push yourself further and faster than you did previously.

If you think you can do a task in one hour, try to finish it in 30 minutes. Add more outputs every day. Make yourself extra productive. There is a certain sense of pride and accomplishment in being able to defeat your worst enemy – yourself.

Be mindful of balance. Once you’ve pushed yourself and accomplished a great deal, give yourself a breather to refresh and renew! Don’t get stuck in either over-pampering or over-working. Both take away your motivation.

Stop talking yourself out of it: There are always two parts of your head that are battling for your attention. One part convinces you to start working on your task; the other gives you all the convincing arguments to delay your work. In most cases, the second part wins. But for people who have no serious issue with motivation, the good, inspiring side wins the debate. Always try to listen to motivated mind that talks you into doing your tasks, not to the one that pulls you back to that cozy bed where you can steal a few minutes' of more of rest.

Envision the completion of the task: Think like you have completely finished your task. Few people appreciate the benefits of creating mental images of finished tasks. The reality is, this can help a great deal in motivating you to get on with it. Think of the euphoria of not having anything to make you feel guilty. Feel the sense of pride in being able to accomplish something. The more you think of the benefits of finishing your tasks, the more convinced you will become to complete it with satisfaction.

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