She is doing everything for you, without looking at day & night.
She cares for you, even if she is ill
She is there listening to your problems, even though you haven't ask about hers
She makes you capable in the world, even if she has no professional degrees
She is doing everything possible for your Dreams, and forget her owns.
She is…

Mother- A Word, itself a Great and requires no further explanation.Here are the some ideas, I have in mind which make a Mother source of Inspiration and motivation for us.

Mother always work for your Happiness
Mother is the one who really loves you & cares for you unconditionally. Mother always have that desire to see their child happy & healthy. In making own children happy, she forgets about her ownself.

Just to keep you happy, she gives you things you demanded, Even If the budget is tight. This nature of mother inspire us to love unconditionally.

Mom always Prays for you
Indeed, there are your efforts you have in these achievements, But you have no idea someone else praying for you. It's your mother has prayed for your success and for your wellness.

Only God knows how much prayers, your mother has done for you.

Sacrifices she having for you
She has sacrificed her own needs, just to fulfill your desires. Also, she doesn't hesitate to give you money, though the budget is tight. All the sacrifices she keep doing, just to make sure you don’t feel incomplete.
Indeed, a mother is a great example of sacrifices.

Because she sacrifices her time, her family, her life,too..just to make her child capable in the world. That is why she is inspiration in our life.

She Go against the world for you
A mother is a true warrior. She doesn’t hesitate to fight with anyone in the world, who is against you and to protect you. You always find her there, when others tries to bring you down.

But she hasn’t let you lose the battle till today, and not in the future as well.

Knows more about you than your own self
You always complained that your mother doesn’t understand the situation you are dealing with. But in reality she knows you more than you know your own.

She has been with you even before your birth. There has been only a mother, since the very beginning, so don't think she doesn't understand.

Mother : A Teacher, A Leader, A Friend, A Healer …
In life, the mother play a significant role in their kids’ life, just like a role model. According to the situation, she transforms herself into a particular role. When you need to learn something, she becomes a Teacher.

When you feel frustrated & down in life, she becomes your personal coach and never let you feel that. When you are being hurt, she becomes a healer and cures your scars.

Mother Teaches how to manage
A mother and any woman in this world are Born manager. The management of the mother is far skilled than any other degree holders. Time she manages for the Family, for work & housework, itself sharpen her management skills.

We need to acquire a management degree by education, But mother is Born manager for her family.

An Inspiration to work Harder
Mother knows that her children are lazy, and good at nothing at all. But still, she loves them and sees something positive in them. She doesn’t force them to get better, But she inspires them to work.

The personality of her, itself inspire them to do a lot more things & achieve something in life.

Always give you priorities
A selfless nature of the mother for her kids, is everything beyond compare. Whatever reason, she always gives her children priorities over the other things & peoples.. Sometimes she also let go of her own needs, just to make her children and family happy.

We have to remember,till today she has been doing every possible things, to fulfill our demands and forget about her own.

You're so busy in gifts your mom gave you,
But you forget to ask her,
"Where is her precious necklace?"
Mother have a solution to every problems
It doesn't matter how old you are, your mother is a solution for every problem of yours, at any life stage. The way she pampers you in the break-up can heal your heart.

And her gentle kiss on the forehead, in the illness is more effective than medicines.

Doing everything, and expect nothing in return.
Who else other than Mother, is there to work for you all day and accepting nothing at all. Sit with her and ask, what she want from this all work? And her answer will, “I want you, nothing else.” Give your time and help her in her work, this all we can do.

This gives her time to think about her own self and her own life. Give her time to celebrate her own Me-time. This nature of mother inspire to do the work which you have to, without think about the what you get in return.

You are because of her
Mother gives birth, a Life, and that kid become a Future leaders, great business personas, athletes, a national leader and become an inspiration for the world.That all Because of the mother, who is there all the time to inspire & motivate.

There is no existence of life, If there is no woman and mother. So she deserve the respect and credit for making your life.

A thing that makes our mother a Great
Why our mom is Great Because She is “The Mother”. No word can describe her fully. No, any other person can match her personality, and you can never find a person who loves you as your mom does. Every relation in this world is because of certain purpose & demands, But the only relation between a mother and child - are the Pure and without any reasons.

Even a book can’t cover everything a mother do for us. If she is not there, we don’t even exist. She carried us in her for nine months and make us ready for the world, then give her entire life for us. For all what she has done for us, what we can do?

All we can do is to Give her our own time and A respect for the things she has been doing for us. On this mother's day, may you can give her precious gifts or dresses or not? But make sure you build that habit to say her, “Thank you, MOM”. That’s enough for her to feel respected & loved. Because she demands nothings, all she wants is you.

Mother, you are not like any other.
Mom, you are the Great.
Mother's Love can never be measure in money or precious Gifts, all we can do is to make her feel that we respecting each & everything she has been doing for us.
Spend time with her, And say to her,
"Thank you, Mamma"
"Thank you for Inspire me,
Thank you for Motivate me,
Thank you for believe in me,
Thank you for everything..."

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