German fast food is much more than just burgers and fried chicken!
Since the culture in Germany is people that are not in a hurry like in the US, it is rare to see a German even walking while eating. For a German, food is meant to be enjoyed in the company of good friends and a nice glass of wine or beer.

Introducing the grubs 

A Deutschland that's got the most demanded eateries from across the world ranging from the infamous McDonald's & Burger King to its very own Bremen company Nordsee that gratify the inner proddings of peckish souls. From the Kartoffelpuffer to Spätzle and Currywurst there are several eateries that devote to every food lovers' fanaticism. Be it vegetarian or meat-heavy dishes, you name it and you've got your tummy a delightful treat.


The eclectic nature of Germany incorporates several cuisines into its local cuisine to forge dishes that a true food aficionado would relish. What is noteworthy is that despite the ubiquity of McDonald's and other popular fast-food chains the pride that the Germans exude from the local cuisine. For the teens to those who run on their toes to keep up with their office time and for those who are fitness zealots the presence of these fast-food chains doesn't faze them out.

Regardless of their individualistic inclinations, Germans look for high-quality, whole-grain food at much lower tariffs thus serving genuine needs. Though the infamous fast-food restaurants carved a niche in their markets, they don't seem to be dominant. What matters is to thrive and appreciate a hearty meal with a consistent dining experience according to the natives. 

Cultural implementation 

The acculturation of their eating habits and availability of fresh, high quality, and organic vegetables and meat is the pathway to preferring the local cafes and restaurants more than the chains that offer food for immediate consumption. There's an amalgam of several other factors that leads to the preference of the local cafes over the fast-food chains that are obsolete. Giving in to its sublime culture the presence of these local eateries is sighted at the pedestrian areas, again offering a consistent dining experience. 

Patisserie! Brezel!

However, it should also be noted that the fast-food items sold in Germany are mostly sold in Bakeries. The infamous delicacy that's available in every German bakery is the Brezel or Pretzel, which is a twisted knot shaped bun with sesame seeds which makes for a quick and delicious snack on the go! Various assortments with Arturo are sold and are usually inexpensive and given away for immediate consumption or as takeout.


Popular restaurant chains like Hans I'm Glück, the availability of sweet potato fries and sorts of burgers that are on-demand, make it a spot for fast food lovers both international and local. The much-loved Döner kabab which is a prominent symbol of the cultural influence that shows the incorporation of the Turkish culture in the German society,  (a pita bread filled with grilled lamb and topped with fresh lettuce and tomatoes) accompanied by the innovative German drink, Papa Turk is one of the most eaten street snacks after the Currywurst that again strike the chord with affordability. 

FACT CHECK: The innovative drink was formulated by the students of a German University in 2011. The drink is made of lemon, ginger, parsley, and mint that leaves a refreshing after breath!

Vegan deli eats

For the vegetarians and vegans to people who love to chug a glass of cold beer to kick-off the inner workings of the mind and would at the same moment prefer healthy alternatives to the other fast food items that are budget-friendly, one must visit the Bucks Vegan restaurant at Muenster and try the Kölsch beer that's ubiquitous.

Did you know …?
  • The Döner (doner kebab) was invented in Berlin by Mahmut Aygün almost 40 years ago!
  • In Berlin there is a museum called the Deutsches Currywurst Museum, which opened in August 2009, commemorating the 60th anniversary of the creation of the Currywurst.
  • The favorite German seafood snack is the Fischbrötchen(fish sandwich). They are particularly popular in the north of Germany.
  • Every year in the German town of Erfurt there is a festival to celebrate the Bratwurst (grilled sausage). They have more than 20 different types of sausages that you can try!

Words Ahoy! · Wörter Ahoi!



die Bratwurst
grilled sausage

die Currywurst
sausage in curry sauce

die Pommes

ein halbes Hähnchen
half a grilled chicken

der Döner
doner kebab

das Fischbrötchen
fish sandwich

Guten Appetit!
 Enjoy your meal!


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