Indigestion is when someone feels discomfort after a meal or during a meal in the stomach or chest. A kind of burning in the chest or abdominal pain will be felt .The symptoms of indigestion are abdominal pain, bloating, fullness and tenderness on stomach. The people under the age of 55 years can be medicated without detail investigations but over 55 years of age one has to go gastrointestinal endoscopies. Indigestion is caused by many factors that hinder the normal digestion process. These factors can be related to your lifestyle or it can be of due to wrong eating and drinking habits.

Common causes of indigestion

The most common causes of indigestion include:

Alcohol consumption: The over consumption of liquor causes indigestion and may even lead to vomiting.

Carbonated beverages: Some carbonated beverages lead to production of acids in the stomach causing indigestion

Medications: Some medicines like aspirin, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and some antibiotics can even give rise to indigestion problems.

Chocolate: Chocolate contains hydrogenated fat which makes indigestion sometimes.

Eating too much food or overeating leads to indigestion

Eating too fast leads to improper chewing of the food which creates a problem of indigestion as food is not properly chewed.

Eating while emotionally upset: When a person is emotionally upset then he eats food unknowingly which is not properly chewed or taken very fastly creating indigestion.

Gallstones: Gallstone is hard stone like deposits that is formed in the gallbladder. The gall bladder stores bile and release it into the small intestine when there is the need for digestion. So gallstone develops when there is lot of cholesterol the bile or if the gall bladder is not functioning properly and not releasing the bile.

Peptic ulcers: Peptic ulcers make eating difficult and cause indigestion.

Smoking: Smoking causes indigestion of food.

Spicy, high-fat and oily food: All these type of food causes indigestion as these food are difficult to digest.

Gastritis: Gastritis is the inflammation of the stomach that leads to the pain in the abdomen; bleeding.This also leads to the indigestion problem.

Lack of Sleep: If you are suffering from insomnia then also it will be a reason behind your improper digestion.

Over consumption of high fiber food: High fiber food if taken in excess causes indigestion.

Exercise right after meal: Do not do any type of exercise right after your meal.There should be a gap of at least 1-2 hours between eating food and doing exercise.

The initial symptoms of indigestion are abdominal pain, bloating and gas, nausea.So start taking precaution in the initial signs of indigestion so that the problem does not worsen. And also prevent the causes of the indigestion so that you will not face the discomfort that will occur post indigestion.

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