If you are focussed to manage your health, you must not think twice before investing in a use-at-home blood pressure monitor.These days, there are many portable electronic devices available that you can carry along with yourself where ever you go and see how your BP changes throughout the day.
Doctors can only monitor our BP and heart beat when we visit them which is likely to be in weeks or months, but the automatic home equipment lets you check your BP at different times of the day so you can remotely discuss the reports with the doctor and see if any changes are needed in the prescribed medications.
The digital monitors are much easier to use as compared to the aneroid monitors and are thus much preferred for home use. The digital BP monitoring devices use batteries and support auto inflation and deflation of the cuff. One does not need a stethoscopeto hear the heart beat to check the BP using the digital machines. There is a small screen that displays the BP and heart rate readings.Some also offer print outs of the readings.
With abundant options available in the market, you are bound to get confused. You must check the following three factors and make a buying decision for yourself :
1. Size : There are many cuff sizes available and you must buy the one that fits you well.
2. Price : Home BP units vary in price depending upon their features, you must look for the best price-value trade off
3. Display : The device must have a comfortable display and should be easy for your read and record your statistics
AccuraPulse BP and heart rate monitor is among the most value for money device available these days. It has a wrist cuffand you can wear the device on your wrist and measure your BP and Heart Rate multiple times in a day. It also has two user memory that stores your BP readings for future reference.
Digital BP monitors like any other digital device need to be handled with care. You must keep them in a safe and dry place and do not expose them to heat. You must also ensure that its tubing or cable is not twisted as it may decrease the life of the device.
The digital BP monitors are not as accurate as the aneroid ones and may show misleading reports if you do not use them properly. You must occasionally take your digital monitor to the doctor and cross check its results with the doctors BP monitoring device to be sure that your device shows accurate readings. You may also request your doctor or nurse to assist you learn how to use the machine to appropriate results.
The digital blood pressure monitor from AccuraPulse has a large backlit display which makes it easy for even the elderly to make a note of the readings. It stores the readings with date and timestamp so your doctor can always refer it to alter your medicines accurately. Plan for your good health, buy the AccuraPulse BP monitor today!


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If you are focussed to manage your health, you must not think twice before investing in a use-at-home blood pressure monitor.