When I was younger I thought that making money was all that counted. I was making my way through college and graduate school with plans to begin to save, invest, become a millionaire by 30 and then live the life. This never happened. On the way I had a motorcycle accident that almost killed me. This sent me on a spiritual search for many years.

Now that I am older I realize even more that it is important to do the inner work and complete one's spiritual work before one goes out into the world to try to help others. If not one carries all kinds of fear and anger out there and is often just as bad as the one whom one is fighting against. I have done quite a bit of inner work and have completed my spiritual search—and that is no mistake, I have completed it. I now realize that one of the greatest hindrances to making change in the world is lack of money.

If one has enough money one can work to change the world without worrying about getting grants, or worrying about trying to find ways to make a living. Or working to change the world without offending bosses. One really has power when one is a decent person who becomes self sufficient. A spiritually mature individual can change the world and become a source of hope for everyone. I am not exploring the concept of money and its use to enhance the well being of society. In this search I have come upon a very interesting book called Think and Grow Rich.

It is very philosophical and even very spiritual. It is a common sense treaties on how to plan for and work to attain success through honesty, integrity, perseverance, and serving the larger community. It is a book written several years ago by a man who explored the 500 most prosperous men of his time to find out how they gained their riches. These people included Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and several others. I am so moved by this book that I am studying it myself and I have put a link on my web page so you can have a chance to explore it.

If you have been working hard and not getting anywhere, or you are working for a non-profit that is always trying to raise money and spending so much time doing that that you can't do the work that is dear to your heart, perhaps you should move in another direction. Perhaps you should learn how to raise funds by studying Think and Grow Rich and all the materials included with it in order to make the money you need to do your work. It couldn't be much harder than it is to struggle for grants and to bend your programming in order to fit certain grant stipulations while trying to be a change agent. I think, perhaps, that it is necessary for a person to become financially stable in order to work in the world. Spiritually and economically stable is the best of both worlds. For such people—those with both characteristics, are the change agents of the world.

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Om Prakash is a Massage Therapist and Wellness Consultant specializing in sitting and moving meditation. He is a Certified Grief Counselor, a Certified Massage Therapist and Bodyworker and a Martial Artist. For more information on this subject please go to you website www.philadelphiasatyoga.4t.com where you will find our Free Offer Catalog page.