Self-Image is the way you think about yourself. Self-esteem is the way you feel about yourself. Self- confidence is the way you act.
A Very wise woman once said - Some will, some won’t, so what – Next! Move on - Many people take rejection so personally and let it knock their confidence. Remember, an opinion is just that, an opinion, not a fact. Fall in love with yourself, as if you don’t respect and love yourself, why would you expect others to? Stop allowing others opinions to destroy your focus. If you don’t feel confident then you must commit to change, as 90% of our behaviour is based on habits. Essentially, self- confidence evolves from the power of choice, positive action and a positive attitude.
‘No’ is a complete sentence. Confident people do not justify, defend or explain. They say ‘No’ with confidence and ease. Confident people have boundaries on what’s acceptable and what is not and they stick with their boundaries. Confident people are comfortable taking the stance, ‘I love you, but I love me too’.
Focus on what you want and act boldly. Many confident people feel fear, but they walk through it anyway and take a chance on a new way of life. Confident people focus their attention upon what they want, not what they don’t want. They stay focused on what is working in their life and not on what’s not.
ASK. Oprah and Madonna were questioned about the secret of their success. Both of them answered ‘ASK’. Lack of confidence will definitely hold us back from asking. Confident people take a leap of faith, have a winning attitude and feel worthy of receiving.
Quit the need to be right and get in the last word. Confident people don’t need to prove anything to anyone. They are not worried whether others agree or not, they know what they want and go for it. Confident people know the more they need to be right the more they advertise their lack of confidence.
Give up people pleasing. Confident people don’t bend themselves like a pretzel to please others. They are aware that behaviour is dishonest and manipulative, as its’ a way of getting others approval, which they don’t need. Remember the more approval we seek, the less we get, the less we seek, the more we get.
Stop being a ‘the nice girl’. It’s not a good look, and is so last season. No one walks around an office telling all the staff what a nice girl we are for always staying late and always being accommodating, the reality is others see us with ‘MUG’ written all over our forehead.
Stand up and be counted. Stop criticising yourself and being so harsh on yourself. We wouldn’t get away with speaking to a friend the way we often speak to ourselves. Lose your inner critic, it doesn’t serve us. It erodes our confidence. Confident people own their power and shine and feel worthy of being heard as they are comfortable being assertive when they feel they need to be as they know their opinions count and every word is valued and heard. They know the power of the spoken word and use ‘could’ instead of ‘should’.
Be accountable for yourself. Confident people take responsibility for their actions and don’t go around playing the victim role by blaming everyone else for anything going wrong. They own their part, which is hugely powerful.
Get rid of ego. Ego swings both ways, either in the form of ‘I am not good enough’ or ‘I am better than everyone else’. Neither are very attractive. Confident people come from their heart, not their ego. They have humility and grace, they admit their wrongs. They are self -aware and know the difference between being seen and heard and showing off. Also they don’t need to criticise and judge others to make themselves feel empowered.
JUST DO IT. Confident people don’t analyse, procrastinate or cogitate, they just do it and that makes all the difference in the world. How many times have I heard others say ‘he/she can’t sing on X Factor or dance on Strictly or act in xyz? Let’s be honest those remarks always come from those who are jealous. Why? Maybe we’re only jealous when we’re not maximising our potential. Confident people are not jealous and they champion others that are ‘JUST DOING IT’.
You may read this and think to yourself, well what’s new, I know all of this? My question to you is ‘Are you doing it?’
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Author's Bio: 

I've been on my own personal development journey for many years, discovering, learning and studying with some of the very best experts in their fields.
I’ve always worked in a people environment helping and advising so it seemed a natural progression for me to move from that to becoming a personal development coach.
I believe very much that unless you re-programme your negative beliefs and thoughts you'll never 'move on' and that could be with relationships, weight loss, health, career, money.
Using the very powerful and effective processes of EFT, NLP, Hypnosis, and Theta Healing, I motivate and steer people toward living the lives they want rather than what they 'should' or been told to. This gives them the opportunity to truly live the life they deserve.
I believe that what we put out there we get back and the only way to improve our lives is by ‘reprogramming’ our mindset.
The 3 greatest internal blocks people have are fear, self doubt and procrastination. When we release those we can be, do, have whatever it is we truly desire.
Like a computer when the 'hardware' isn't congruent with the 'software' no advancement can be made when we are out of sync; and it's the same with our brains. If we say one thing – and believe in our subconscious something totally, different we’ll never make the changes we think we want. Our thoughts and beliefs are what makes us tick so whatever the issue whether it’s relationships, work/career, money, self esteem, confidence; I help people look at what is holding them back and help them release those ties enabling them to go forward with whatever it is they desire. . But it can be a very painful process, the letting go, and people have to be ready and willing to make the changes. Affirmations are wonderful tools but useless without that one major ingredient – Action!
Once you take the Action, are consistent and make the commitment – YOU make it happen
With Persistence plus Confidence YOU equal Success
My greatest joy is seeing the transformation when someone releases their blocks and moves forward.