As a young boy school going boy ; my sole purpose in life was to utilize few hours in the afternoon for playing football.

However,it was the most difficult task since my mother was very particular about taking rest after school hours ,so that we could freshen up for a great evening in terms of focusing on our studies.

I don't feel shy to admit it now ,that, i grossly misunderstood her; cursing her often for behaving like a dictator but today l salute my mother for such a great upbringing - imparting the most essential values of life and helping me strive against all odds.

Down the memory lane :

A blurred picture ...

Mom teaching me - how to remember the multiplication table.Fed up with this exercise , i would try to find out every possible excuses to bring an end to this ordeal, but she would never allow it till i remember the lesson.

Ultimately, i had no choice but to complete the job fast.

Now,whenever i refer to that table for calculations, her face smiles at me and i cry for a moment - "Mom, i miss you so much !"

Another picture but so clear...

Mom teaching me how to swim in our adjacent pool.Carrying me to the deep water she would leave me there , insisting that, i must swim back to her on my own.

"Mom , that's not fair,don't leave me alone , i might get drown." i was desperate.

"Son, if i don't leave you on your own, you will never learn to swim. Don't worry. i am here to help you ,whenever you need me", she said in an assuring voice.

The sound of her assurance still echoes in my mind, whenever i enter a swimming pool and i cry for a moment- Mom, i miss you so much.

More than 3 decades later ,i am now independent and self sufficient ; the way she wanted me to be in life ,

But whenever my confidence shakes. i look for her turning my head around, and cry for a moment- "Mom, i miss you so much !"

Don't forget ; whatever we are today - the consequences of the up-bringing which was mostly governed by our mothers.

Author : Abhijit Kar

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