Third-world countries are struggling with various educational trends to become globalized and stay up with the developed world. Education theories such as the Common World Educational Culture Theory and the Globally Structured Agenda for Education Theory, which emerged in the effort to ‘modernize’ education, have evolved, with current trends favouring postmodern education or, to put it another way, ‘experiential learning,’ or learning by doing. The primary purpose of these theories is to educate the world according to the emerging demands and situation prevailing under the evolution of technology and digitalization. According to several detailed research proposal on the education in Pakistan, the country is thriving to bring modern education with the openness of ideas and innovation in the code of conduct using advanced technology (Ibad, 2019).


There are no equivocations for education in Pakistan: the country has one of the world’s most deficient educational systems. Pakistan’s syllabus and curriculum inclosing assignment writing and proposal writing are outdated and do not comply with present demands and situation.  In Pakistan, almost 5 million children are out of school. This country has the second largest number of out-of-school children globally, accounting for one out of every 12 children (Ibad, 2019).


Unfortunately, education in Pakistan appears to remain stagnant. The country ranks second behind Nigeria on the world list of children out of school, with the lowest GDP share for education. The government is still grappling with under-resourced schools and ghost teachers, and high-speed internet connection is primarily restricted to urban regions. The previous government didn’t heed this department that the education system is still suffering from crises (Dawn, 2018).


Soon, Pakistan is predicted to become a corporate and international investment centre. As a result, the government must prioritize education to meet the demand of the existing market. In additional a modern yet efficient education system will be introduced in Pakistan which will include the thesis writing services in Pakistan. The Single National Curriculum is a beginning in the right direction, and it is hoped that more will be done and designed in the approaching national educational strategy (Hassan, 2012).


Pakistan is suffering from crises economically and politically due to the lack of modern education. Modern education does not mean forgetting the traditions and customs; instead, it gives a space for new ideas that mainly includes research thesis writing and thesis writing services in Pakistan. There must be such training or education to connect the ideas with the destination. It is essential to learn new but modern skills to compete with the past. Pakistan is an intense need to revolutionize the whole education department to transform the nation into a civilized and a developed nation (Ishfaq, 2019).




To conclude, it is right to say that Pakistan needs modern education to advance and progress in technology field and educational fields such as thesis writing help and assignment coursework projects.. To uplift Pakistan in all aspects, it is necessary to educate people to give them such a space to bring new ideas. Pakistan should ensure to provide modern education to its mass.




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