When online slots first appeared, you could only access them using your computer. Mobile phones weren’t advanced enough to load slots. Nowadays, mobile phones allow users to carry out most of the operations they’d do on a computer.

That’s why slot games developers had to adapt to this technological advancement, and they introduced mobile slots no deposit optimised for small screens. More and more players decide to play mobile slots because they can access the games anytime, wherever they are. Below you can find a comparison of both types of slots.

Advantages of mobile slots

The biggest advantage mobile slots have over desktop slots is that players can access them wherever they are. You do not need to be at home and set up the computer. You can play on the way to work on a subway, or when you’re standing in line at the shop, or when you’re sitting in a restaurant waiting for someone. Whenever you feel like playing, you can do it immediately.

Disadvantages of mobile slots

Firstly, mobile phones have much smaller screens than desktops so, even though the quality is good, the graphics and animations might not look as entertaining as on the big screen. Secondly, batteries in mobile phones tend not to last too long and playing slots can drain it quickly. That’s why you always need to carry a charger with you, otherwise your game might be cut short.

Finally, when playing mobile slots you might have connection problems as mobile data is not normally as fast as broadband you have in the house. That can disturb the game and make the slot slower.

Pros of desktop slots

The biggest advantage of desktop slots is that you display them on a big screen so you can be sure you see everything clearly. Consequently, the graphic of desktop slots seems to be better. When you use mobile data, your reception can change as you move from place to place. The internet connection on a computer you have in the house is more stable than the one on your phone so you do not have to worry that your game will be interrupted.

Cons of desktop slots

To play desktop slots you need a computer, and you need to stay in one place during the game. You cannot enjoy them wherever you are. Moreover, while starting a mobile slot game takes only a few seconds, waiting for the computer to turn on and load everything can sometimes take a while.

The verdict

There is no winner in the comparison of mobile slots and desktop slots. When it comes to features and quality they offer, there aren’t many differences and players can enjoy a great choice of both mobile slots and desktop slots. The biggest difference is the size of the screen that they’re displayed on. If you don’t mind a small screen and care about convenience and being able to access slots wherever you are, mobile slots are the choice for you. If you care a lot about the graphics and visual effects, you should pick desktop slots.

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