How To Turn Mobile Growth Trends That Will Sky Rocket Your App Growth Into Success

Can you guess what has become an inseparable part of your daily life?

Yes, the obvious answer is your “Smartphone”. Till you get to doze off on the bed, you always keep on checking someone’s status or someone’s latest birthday bash images. And in the morning itself, we woke up with a morning alarm, check WhatsApp, hike messages, read news, surf internet, watch YouTube videos and so on, and it continues for the whole day. Every now and then, we are using our mobile phones.

And this is also a fact that the use of smartphone and mobile apps are not going to reduce its prominence in 2017 too. Maybe the vice versa of this situation is possible i.e the increased use of mobile phones.
Let’s have a look at some of the latest mobile app development trends that are trending in 2017 too:

1.Faster is better!
In addition to the AMP Project, Google also announced that there will be a separate search index for mobile web, which has changed the trends. Those businesses which have lost its online visibility due to fewer visitors can easily regain as this feature will reduce the bounce rates.
So gear up for some faster websites and profits too!

2.Get started with Cloud-Driven Mobile Apps!
Are you looking to develop mobile apps on the cloud technology?
Yes, still surprised?
But it’s possible. You can easily build powerful mobile apps which require minimum space and most important it fetches data too. Cloud Technology makes it possible to create a server less mobile backend which helps you optimize your app with in-app analytics.

3.Enterprise Apps & Micro-apps is on rise!
As IT organizations need to deliver the fast mobile application to its users, so they have started delivering enterprise and micro-app applications to mobile users. These applications help you restructure, streamline and manage business processes.

4.Swift Is not just a car!
Yes, swift is the name of a new programming language for iOS developers. And the best part is that it has the best features of C and Objective-C.
This new programming language has offered developers to host a new, developer-friendly feature.

5.Security is still a concern!
Do you still feel insecure about your mobile data?
Yes, obviously everyone does, as most of the mobile apps do not pass the basic security tests. Anyhow these apps have access to external storage, which has always been a concern to all of us.

Don’t be tensed, still some Javascript frameworks are working to develop a secure mobile application.

Wrapping up:
No skilled developers can easily rely on several mobile app technologies. Therefore the search for latest mobile app development trends is always on. Start following latest mobile app development trends which can prove beneficial for your business. If you also want to stay ahead in this competitive world, you must start following these
mobile technology trends.

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