In this digital Era, things around us are filled with digitalization. People are fond of smartphones and all the services are easily available in their hands. The mobile app market is growing exponentially each day with new emerging apps grabbing the users. These mobile apps have a strong impact on the business where it is drifting the traditional business with trendy apps.

This article will be helpful for marketers, app developers, and entrepreneurs to improve their business in 2021!!!

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence has seeped into our mobiles. We are advancing with robots that are assisting us on our mobile phones.
AI integrated Apps we are using in our smartphones are:

Google Assistant

These are apps we are using currently, but whereas there are apps in progress that are going to please the users with a hands-free way of handling mobiles with their voice recognition.

Location-based technology

Location-based technology apps are trending in markets as they play a vital role in marketing. The apps if you want to install you have accepted its terms and conditions for using those apps, by default we are enabling the permission to access our locations through this app features. Whereas location is not necessary for some apps as they don't require it, but it uses your locations to share with the third party for marketing. No data is unused on the online platforms as each user is data and marketing techniques are using them.
An example, when an app uses geofencing technology. This is how it works.
If you own an eatery and have a mobile app. If an app user wanders within a few blocks of your location, they’ll receive a notification about your special offers and available combos.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality takes something real and transforms it.
Apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Pokeman Go have executed this feature on their apps and other mobile apps are started adopting this technique to improve their revenue by grabbing users over their platforms. For example, the face optimization feature in the Pokemon Go app has made it boom exclusive among other apps.

over 800 million downloads
more than 5 million daily active users
$1.2 billion in total revenue

There are businesses to incorporate augmented reality into their mobile technology. This will help them generate brand awareness, app downloads, engagement, and revenue.

Syncing wearable technology with mobile devices

Wearable technology is broadly used among the people who are conscious about their health and fitness. There are wearable devices used as fitness bands, smartwatches, healthcare monitors, and glasses. These are very capable of synchronizing with mobile apps and help in tracking their footsteps, sleeping patterns, burned calories, and heartbeat, etc. This app not only provides their data but also it is socially shareable among their friends and families for their trackings and health beings.

Income from mobile applications

The mobile apps are growing exponentially with advanced technologies and grabbing more users towards it. for example, mobile users are using their mobiles for 4hrs per day in the US. Google and Apple stores are expanding their stores with new emerging apps each day.
This trend isn’t slowing down. Mobile apps will continue to thrive. Specialists assume that by 2020 the global revenue from mobile apps will be $190 billion.

Mobile devices syncing with homes

The mobile devices are capable of handling smart devices at home through these apps when you are not at home. The IoT is the technology behind these apps where all the smart devices at your homes are synchronized with your smartphones through an internet facility to control your smart homes in your absence.

It is an exclusive user experience for the people in this digital era, everything under the control of your hands. These mobile apps are capable of controlling devices smart home appliances like TV, Refrigerators, Air conditions, and Door locks, etc This is the business strategy adopted by the industries of the appliances manufacturers to increase the turnover.

Small business mobile apps

These days big enterprises have developed their mobile apps for improving their business conversions, but whereas in the current scenario all types of business have started adopting mobile apps for their improving business conversions. People started Mobile App Development for their business to reach their target audience through online presence and ease of access.

The small business owners in the US have stated that they are starting to develop a mobile app for their business to improve sales revenue with the help of user experience and ease of access to their products. In this competitive world, each of them is upgrading business with the latest technologies to sustain their business niche.

Increased mobile payments

As mobile security improves and global app revenue expands, we’ll see an increase in mobile payments as well. Mobile payment apps

bank apps
Google Pay
Samsung Pay
Apple Pay

This shows how comfortable people feel about making mobile payments and the increase in mobile payment popularity.

Transportation apps

We all know about taxing booking apps, ride-sharing apps, bike ride apps, booking tickets for train, buses, and flight tickets.
These apps have drifted the transport sector to a new level with their mobile apps providing all modes of transportation available at their hands.
It is quite interesting about apps like Bird and Lime Bike, as users can detect the location of scooters or bicycles with their mobile devices.

When they want to use the service they can appeal to the services providers and unlock the vehicles using the cameras. After using the service they can leave the vehicle after payment without any location constraint. Bird raised $15 million earlier this year from investors. They are seeking an additional $100 million.

Cross-Platform Apps

Mobile app development is expensive when they are developed separately for the required platform, Native apps where it is designed and developed to run on a specific platform like android or iOS. Both Native and Hybrid apps have their ups and downs, where business owners are interested to build cross-platform apps where they can be used on all platforms without any separate dedicated application for their specific platform.

Biometrics advancements

Biometrics facilitates enhanced security for mobile devices. Types of biometrics features available on mobile apps

voice recognition
facial recognition
signature recognition
fingerprint recognition

We are using facial, fingerprint recognition to unlock our mobile phones and it is used to process payments through mobile apps, and it is used with all types of mobile devices.


Each day new technological advancements are emerging in mobile apps, and it is growing exponentially among global audiences. Each one of us wants to have the latest and trendy mobile with the latest technologies through it. Each day mobile trends are growing with pleasing user experiences. Customers are the King of Mobile apps.

If you own a business, then try to have one such trendy mobile app to sustain the users and grab the new user towards your product and improve your sales revenue.

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