Most network markers waste a lot of time trying to look like they are “doing” their business, but they are not getting results.
These are 3 income producing tasks that produce real results in your business.
1.Marketing- this includes placing ads in newspapers, driving traffic to your lead capture page, handing out business cards, and any tactic that you use to generate leads.
Of course you will need to test your lead generation strategies so that you can focus on the ones that produce the best results.
You need a constant flow of leads to build a huge MLM organization.
2. Phone Calls- Some people are terrified or calling their leads on the phone, but this is an important skill to develop if you want to be successful in network marketing.
The MLM Business is a relationship business, and the phone is one of the best ways to develop your relationship with your team.
Please understand that this does not include social phone calls.
3. Presentation- You may or may not being presenting the opportunity yourself, but the key is that you are consistently exposing people to your opportunity, by getting them in front of a presentation.
Your presentation could be a CD, a 1-on-1, a weekly briefing, an online video, etc…
Time should be committed to personal development and skill building of course, because that is how you will increase your ratios and percentages in these tasks.
However the most effective skill building activity is actually doing the thing, not learning to do the thing. That is true with anything in life. The most effective teacher is experience.
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Jeremiah Carstarphen,
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