MLM Prospecting is a must when it comes to developing your MLM business.....I mean it is Vital! Nonetheless, it needs to be observed that there will be 4 main personality types you'll want to keep in mind.

In the following number of articles, I will examine each of the 4 of these prospect personality types in depth and point out not just what makes each one of these tick, as well as the best way to these folks and turn these qualified prospects into new business partners.

Now a lot of people refer to these types of personalities as Fire, Ice, Wind, Water or Red, Blue, Green, Yellow or even Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. Nonetheless, it doesn't matter how you equate the name to any of these, the reality is that the qualities are pretty much the identical for each. Furthermore, most people have a mix of these traits; I call this bleeding personalities, so keep that in mind.

Keep in mind that MLM prospecting isn't all about the potential customer speaking and you simply answering, but is also you having a little bit of control and asking them questions too. Not everyone is going to want to enroll with you and neither do you want them on your team. Make an effort to mirror your prospect as best you can, but understand what to look for!

The first personality type I would like to talk about in this article is...

The Fire Personality
The first thing you must know about these folks is they are highly motivated by MONEY. If there is a buck to be made or an avenue to earn money, these types are likely to find it!

Next, these personality types DISLIKE bosses and getting told what to do. When they discover a cause in their mind not to do something because doing so disturbs with their vision, they will likely incinerate the rules and rebel. Also, they are Tremendously Impatient and will also talk over you if you do not get to the point or begin to bore them. I am guilty of this trait, I've got to confess.

Remember, these aren't bad individuals, they are merely no-nonsense, head strong individuals!

And so, how do you flip these combustible personalities into an MLM Prospecting advantage?

Before anything else, Talk about the MONEY! Start off talking about your company's pay plan and let them see how they can generate an obscene amount of cash rapidly. Go over the Bonuses, the Residuals and if feasible, hook up these folks to someone in your upline or crossline who's also a fire personality; these people tend to respond to Leadership, so make certain you can connect them with somebody who can mirror their intent to make money.

In the next article, I'll be talking about the Ice Personality and approaches to effectively employ MLM Prospecting techniques with the Ice Personality.

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