Sarees are timeless. Even traditional fashion has evolved over the years. While the salwar kameez is largely replaced by fusion ensembles like jeans and kurti, for regular use, we can safely say that nothing has stolen the thunder from sarees. Though they are not really worn at workplaces on regular places – they are actually a regular at social-dos—weddings, anniversaries or for that matter during the pujas.

However, the appeal of sarees is ruined if you unwittingly end up making the following draping mistakes. You might as well have procured your saree from a Fashion Designer in Delhi but don’t expect to ace your look if you are actually committing any of the common mistakes while wearing or choosing a saree.

You end up displaying too much flesh

Not really recommended! You might as well end up displaying too much skin in order to attract attention. However, you shouldn’t really do that quite simply because of the fact too much of skin ends up ruining a traditional ensemble. Traditional attire doesn’t really need that kind of skin show in order to make you look stunning. A saree can actually go on to accentuate your curves in a way in which no other attire can do!

You end up teaming your saree with the wrong footwear

It is as important as your blouse! Yes! Choosing the right footwear is as important as choosing the blouse itself. Don’t choose something like the flat ballerinas or kitten heel kohlapuris for your saree. They simply don’t go well with the sarees. It would be prudent on your end to select high heels instead.

Blouses: You aren’t choosing the Right One—Are you?

Just what we talked about – blouses! We have already indicated that blouses are actually an important part of your ensemble. The wrong fit can actually ruin the entire look. You might as well think that that baggy blouse will actually add a different dimension to your entire look – but it’s best to stick to the traditional favorites – i.e. the right fit!

Do make sure that you are choosing your designer sagaciously. Do make sure that you are leaving no stone unturned to choose quality. The top designers out there conduct their business online. So you can actually go on to browse several collections right from within the comfort of your home. However, the ease of shopping shouldn’t really end up misleading you. You might as well be overwhelmed by the sheer collection that they have. However, do ensure that you are not simply swayed by the sheer designs they are actually putting up for display. It is important – at first – to find out whether or not they are actually known for backing their designs up with quality or not!

Read reviews and seek personal recommendations in order to be duly guided in this regard. You’re sorted! Hopefully, this primer has been of help. If you are a true fashionista, you would always want to keep yourself updated with the latest fashion trends, you should definitely be going through more such articles.

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