Results matter to your life’s bottom line. Accomplishment vs Doing: They are not the same thing. You can accomplish more by doing less if you have clarity and focus, which comes from a quiet and clear mind.

There’s no denying that actions still speaks louder than words. There are a lot of voices out here vying for our attention. In fact, there are millions of other people trying to tell you what works and how to run your life. First of all, this alone is the main reason for learning to trust and learn to listen to your own inner guidance before taking action. I’ve surely learned this the hard way.

Yes, sometimes for several reasons there may be static in the line and sometimes it is certainly useful to have a few other people you trust to bounce things off of. Yet, even those people had better be producing results or what they are talking about may be hot air or at very least, they don’t really know it for themselves. Remember:

“To know and not to do is not to know” ~Chinese Proverb

One to the keys to reducing stress, overwhelm and high blood pressure is to learn how to perceive time differently first of all and secondly to stop equating what you DO with who you ARE. I’m convinced that much of this busy work going on all around us is due to people’s search for meaning. There is much dissatisfaction with “self” and life and we are told that if we could just do, be or have more, and outside of ourselves at that – then we will be happy.

At the end of the day, ask yourself this – did you accomplish your intentions and were your intentions set out of the collaboration between your mind and heart? Were you clear? Did they align with your greater purpose? Do you have an overarching purpose for yourself? Or, are you just another busy bee out here scrambling for significance or trying to avoid how you really feel? Either one is not optimum if you intend to have the outcome – the result – of an abundant, whole life. Isn’t that what everyone is really so “busy” trying get? So, where can you begin? Here are 5 pointers:

1. Go ahead, make life easier on yourself and start asking the Universe for your answers. For example: “Why am I here”? How can I learn how to change the way I look at life?
2. Be willing to open your mind to let in new information, like how your own brain and mind work to create your “reality”. As Einstein said:

“Reality is an illusion; albeit a very persistent one”

3. Pay attention to the results of studies that show that mindfulness meditation is “hygiene for the brain”. Quieting the mind will increase insight/intuition and reveal to you ways to get more things done – that are relevant to your life – in less time
4. Ask questions and listen to your inner guidance on what do you REALLY want, do you REALLY value? What will bring inner happiness and outer prosperity?
5. Get to the heart of matter – “Who do you think you are”? How do you feel about yourself? This can actually be a driving force behind much of the overwhelm and procrastination that haunts many people’s productivity and bottom line results

At the end of the day, the old way is just not working anymore. I use to push, willfully by the “sweat of my brow” and during that era, 10-20 years ago, I was able to get away with it. Haven’t you noticed things are changing? There is a way to learn how to live with less overwhelm and retrain your brain to “see”, and create a new “reality” for yourself.

It is a matter of learning how to integrate the many parts of you and to live with the understanding of how to bring together the different areas of life into a more complete, unified whole. What about you? Do you want to live an abundant WHOLE life? Do less stress and accomplish more that is meaningful? I sure do.

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