Mindful eating is just a science that lets you pay attention to what you are eating and how it makes you, therefore, being mindful of what you are eating is important as it gives you the power to control your health and weight. In this process, you get to determine the results that you want to achieve. 

Mindful eating will help you understand your body in a deeper perspective. This is because you are able to distinguish between physical hunger and your body needs in such a way that you can control your weight and body energy. Below, we will look at the beginner’s guide to mindful eating, if you are curious to know more about mindful eating, check here. how it works and what you need to do to get started. 

Understanding mindful eating 

Mindful eating was derived from a Buddhist concept that encourages people to have control over what they eat. Mindfulness is like meditation where you take control over your body and cravings. This is achieved by coping with both your body emotions and physical cravings that force you to crave for unhealthy foods. 

From ancient civilization, meditation was used to treat mental depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and other food related behaviors. Fortunately, it can be applied in mindful eating where you will take control of your behavior and start controlling what you are eating. This is by getting full attention to your experiences, eating cues and cravings. 

The benefits 

Today, there are many types of foods that you can eat on a daily basis. Whatever you choose from the healthy food to the junk food, you can easily find them ready in the market. 

And with the distractions from televisions, computers, and phones, people have not been taking eating too seriously. This is because they have been seeing it as just a casual activity and thus, have not been caring much about what they have been putting in their bodies. 

However, if you take mindful eating seriously, you will start eating and living healthy. You can do this easily by adopting the Melaleuca model where you will focus on healthy eating as opposed to just eating to fill up your stomach.   

If you eat too fast, the mindfulness will not kick in until you have eaten too much. In fact, this is the main cause of obesity amongst many people, especially when they take fast food in between work hours. People tend to suffer from binge eating disorder. But by slowing down when eating, you will make it an intentional act and just not an automatic one. 

By becoming aware of the physical hunger, you can be able to distinguish between normal hunger and emotional eating . In the process, you are able to control triggers that push you to eat even when you are not hungry. Fortunately, this understanding is what is able to control eating disorders


Above, we have seen the positive effects that mindful eating has on your health and physical wellbeing. By choosing to eat when you are hungry and not when your emotions force you to, you stand achieving a healthy body and mind.






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