The world of technology is basically in control of all matters information today. The advent of the computer or better described, the information technology age has ushered in many new possibilities and tools for managing and processing information. One of the inventions that is making the biggest waves of change in today’s society is the computer system.

This particular module is divided into two very important parts of working namely the hardware and the software. In terms of dynamic changes, they are both quite fluid. However, the software part of the computer system is a lot more fluid than the hardware. As such, new products are always being released and upgraded.

Microsoft Corporation is busy shifting and modifying itself and its products to fit the dynamic markets. The company recently announced that it was scrapping its old, revered and well known webmail service known as Hotmail. The move was made in relation to the promotion of another of its software products to the status of webmail and Instant Messaging client status. The new application for the above is known as Outlook. The move was made to keep the corporation relevantly competitive in terms of matters email and I.M. client provision.

Outlook webmail application has received a significant upgrade to present a competitive edge over competition. The software has got internal modules that help to organize messages as they come into the individual accounts. Moreover, the software has got provision for Voice Over Internet Protocol (V.O.I.P.) calls via the widely popular platform Skype. This is a significant addition especially considering that the software is a mail client.

The ability to organize one’s emails into categories that are easy to distinguish is another plus in the software. The owner of an account has got the liberty to create categories into which his or her emails will be sorted out. Moreover, there is no limit to the number of categories that one could need. The most basic category titles are usually emails from contacts, newsletter, notices, social network correspondence and such like.

Not only have Microsoft revamped the webmail client software with V.O.I.P. capability, the software has also been connected to major social sites seamlessly. It has got tools and facilities tat allow for easy connection with sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. The multimedia capability of the email that is hosted has also been revamped significantly. Email in Outlook webmail client comes alive with pictures of the senders and their social media updates and activity.

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