Pillow boxes are not for everyone. Still, they are for everything. Such a statement may leave you with a puzzling decision whether you can use them for your product or not. Well, this is precisely why this article is written for. By the end of this article, you will find several methods through which you can completely dominate pillow box packaging. We will go through several ways, and products for with pillow box works perfectly. Though it doesn’t matter what product you are selling, the pillow box is a great invention that is relatively new and is flexible to be used with any product.

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How Pillow Boxes Attract Customers?

First of all, it is an innovative shape that is different from a simple square or rectangular box. When displayed on retailer outlets with exceptional printing designs, they look more impressive than usual packaging boxes.

Secondly, if you print your pillow box with a tag line, a message for consumers, and an attractive logo, it will create a new way to engage with your buyer and build a relationship with them. With these boxes, your product will have two attractive factors. One will be the printing, and the other special add on will be the shape.

Thirdly, the addition of promotional messages with perfect placement will serve you as a cost-effective advertisement source. The packaging is the first thing that communicates with the buyer, so create it in a way that it should make the buyer curious about the product inside. Achieve the right level of curiosity is much easy while using pillow boxes as it is already a box that increased a level of engagement.

Lastly, customise pillow boxes as much as you can. Take advantage of the pre-designed shape of these boxes. You can further increase the customisation in several ways that we will discuss in this article.

Choose material according to the product

The choice of solid material for the production of custom pillow boxes is an essential step in the complete customization. The content of the box only depends on the selection of customers. It should also depend on the product that is going to be sold within pillow boxes. There are three materials for you to choose from, and these materials are used globally for every pillow box.

● Cardboard: this paper stock material is exclusively used to the production of retail boxes. Due to its foldable facility, it is quite easy to print and mould cardboard in any desired shape. Businesses that solely work in retail products select cardboard material. Even though the pillow box is made is cardboard, you can still coat it afterwards with metallic shades like silver gold or even bronze.

● Biodegradable Material: Kraft and other decomposable materials are also excellent materials. If you want to be one of those brands that care for the environment, an eco-friendly box can give you a headstart in the market just to use biodegradable material. Plus, brown-coloured recycled pillow boxes can bestow gracious shelf appearance can make your product prominent.

● Sturdy Pillow Boxes: Another option for you is corrugated material. This material is made by pressing one flute sheet between two plain layers of corrugation that enhances the strength of the packaging to an immense level. This strong material constructs durable pillow boxes for shipment and transportation purposes. So if you are looking for a packaging that grants secure transportation across the world, and keeps your product safe, corrugated is perfect for you.
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Leader to Customisation

Customising such a uniquely shaped box can be a lot of fun. There are numerous ways to make a pillow box look even more appealing. But before getting started with customisation, you should keep your product in mind. If you are selling a product for women, such as jewellery or accessories, then select the colour scheme wisely so that it should look like packaging with a feminine product.

● Colours: The first to customisation is the selection of colour schemes. You can choose either the CMYK or the PMS method of printing. It stands for “Cyan-Magenta-Yello-Black.” A digital computer makes the combination of these four colours and produces a fine print on the box.

PMS(Pantone Matching System) is based on thousands of standardised colours. Unlike CMYK, where four basic colours are used for every print. PMS inks are already mixed before printing begins.

● Coatings: There are basically two main types of coatings AQ coating and U.V coating. Aqueous coating is by far the most popular coating, it also the default coating on every packaging, unless you custom-order to do other coatings. It is also the least expensive coating, that is the main reason for its popularity. The reason that it is a default coating is that without any coating, the prints on the boxes won’t last much longer.

While UV or Ultra Violet coating gives a more pronounced effect as compared to AQ coating. UV coating makes the colour richer, shinier gloss, duller matte (In a positive way), and feel much smoother to touch.

● Add-ons: Since you are persistent about the shape of these boxes, you can still have window cut and only make these boxes more appealing than ever. Afterwards, if you want to make your consumers feel special, you can add some ribbons and laces on the box, which escalates the unboxing experience of your buyers. Other than that, add some foiling to increase the protection.

To make your logo prominent, you can add embossing and debossing. Such add on aren’t compulsory but only make your packaging more and more attractive.

In a Nutshell

The pillow box is an amazing way to present any product. If you customise it wisely, and according to your product, it will never disappoint you. Study your product, and its market carefully and then start designing the packaging. If your packaging looks dull or cheap, then your product won’t be able to hit the higher ground. The customisation doesn’t cost as much as sounds, and it is always worth its price.

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