When you first think of buying a swing set for your child, it’s best to weigh out the pros and cons. Since, you might have already consulted a few parents who have given different opinions, you are bound to be left confused. Wooden swings or metal, which one to get?

But, don’t fret; grab a cup of coffee and sit, because you need to check out these points before deciding which swing set will give you the best returns.

Wooden swing vs. Metal swing sets! Find the best pick for your child –

  1. The question of durability

When the question of durability arises, timber swings are a better option. The reason being, metal swings tend to rust and corrode easily, especially if you live in the tropics which are humid.

On the other hand, children older than 10 years may not prefer a metal swing. So, buying a wooden swing is more convenient, aesthetically pleasing and if maintained with care, are long-lasting.

  1. Maintenance issue

While metal swings have less chance of insect infestation, they are as established susceptible to rust and corrosion. This will firstly make them look unappealing; secondly, metal swings, if not maintained with care, will damage your floors due to their heavy weight and corrosive nature.

However, in the case of wooden swings, firstly even if they require maintenance they are coated with anti-bacterial and anti-heat resistant chemicals which make them otherwise easier to retain.  Moreover, if wooden swing parts break, replacing them is easy, as many online stores sell swing accessories at lower prices.

  1. High price or Low price?

Metal swing sets are mainly for playgrounds and children aged below 13. So, these are naturally cheaper. However, if your child is above 12, it’s advisable to buy a wooden swing set even if the pricing is a little high.

Firstly, your home will look artistic, especially if it’s a traditional style house.

Secondly, wooden swings are here to stay for a very long time witnessing your kid transpire from childhood to adolescence. Moreover, you with your spouse can even use the swing for unwinding after a long day.

  1. The safety issue!

Metal swing sets tend to heat up very quickly, so they are most feasible for being indoors. Moreover, metal swings once rusted may have sharp edges which may cause injuries.

On the other hand, wooden swings come coated with anti-heat resistant properties and will heat up less, so is a perfect choice for a porch swing. Moreover, these swings won’t rust and thus prevent your child from getting rashes or injured.

  1. Customize or not?

Wooden sets are more flexible and easier to install. Moreover, depending on your requirement, wooden swing sets offer different kinds of builds. Additionally, these are eco-friendly and will add an artistic touch to your backyard.

Metal swings, on the other hand, are harder to customize and requires a lot of hassle.

In conclusion, depending on your home and necessity, choose the swing set that will benefit your child best. However, if you’re considering the value for money, weighing the options, it’s best to go for a wooden swing set for durability, aesthetics and easy maintenance.

Good luck!



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