In a perfect world, a couple would both experience complete satisfaction while being intimate with each other. Unfortunately, some men may experience anxiety, self-doubt, or physical conditions that cut sexual intercourse short. Studies have shown that most men want to have the stamina to satisfy a sexual partner, but the inability of a man to sustain sexual activity is a problem for many couples. The following tips may assist men when they want a longer lasting sexual experience:

Desensitizers, which are typically in cream or gel form, can help a man last longer in intimate situations. These creams or gels are typically rubbed on the penis prior to intercourse in order to desensitize the nerves in the penis and delay ejaculation. Couples must be careful in selecting desensitizing creams or gels, as some can affect a man’s sexual partner and prevent an orgasm from occurring.
Kegel exercises may not just be for women—there is evidence that men can perform exercises to strengthen the pubococcygeus muscle, which can lead to greater stamina in sexual situations. These types of exercises can be performed by men by flexing the muscle that controls the flow or urine, and repeating several times a day.

Medications such as selective reuptake serotonin inhibitors (SSRIs), commonly referred to as anti-depressants may help prevent premature ejaculation. SSRIs are not a drug that can be taken lightly, so it may only help men with stamina problems who are also suffering from depression. You will need to visit a doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist to determine if you are a person who needs to take any type of SSRI.

Finding the perfect weight may be the key to boosting sexual stamina in men. There are contradicting studies about overweight men and men who have lost weight in order to boost sexual stamina. Since the results are mixed, it is a good idea for all men to maintain a healthy weight that makes him feel virile while also being healthy and avoiding common health problems.

For some men, particularly young men, masturbation prior to intimacy with a sexual partner may help prolong the experience. The buildup of excitement is out of the way, which allows a man to be more attentive to his partner, and play a more active role in the psychological and emotional side of the sexual experience if he and his partner desire it.

Condoms are widely used to help pregnancy and STDs; men in monogamous relationships may benefit from wearing condoms while being intimate with their significant other in order to make the sexual experience last longer. Wearing a condom can make sensations less pronounced and less easy to feel, which can be highly beneficial to a couple where a man is unable to extend the time he is intimate with a partner to ensure that both parties are happy.

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