This is the big question that all women ask themselves at this stage of their life. The answer from our nutritionist is: almost ...

Most women see their bodies change and 50% find that they gain weight in premenopause. This results in "4.5 to 6 kg at the end of menopause," indicates the Expert nutritionist. And when they gain 2 kg, they realize that it is much more difficult to lose them than at 20 years old. So, for all those who have not been vigilant and approach this somewhat hectic period with an overweight, the case may be more difficult. We gain weight for many reasons. First of all, because the metabolism changes and works more slowly. It is estimated that the body burns 100 to 200 Kcal less per day. Certain external factors then come together to promote weight gain. At 50, we move less than at 30, we relax on the sport side and we crack more readily on sweets, good meals, and alcohol consumption often becomes more regular. It's a lifestyle affair, quieter, more family-oriented, more hedonistic. And when hormonal disorders appear, a second factor is added: the side effects of these hormonal variations. The hot flashes, the vague in the soul, the emotional instability pushes to open the refrigerator more easily to console themselves. “Women can go through a kind of existential crisis. The children are leaving the home. The period is at high risk of turbulence. Which pushes some women to nibble to compensate, ”explains dietician in delhi

The typical female morphology (called gynoid) is characterized by fat cells that preferably accumulate around the legs, thighs and buttocks. The android type, that is to say male, is defined by cells located on the stomach. But now, at menopause, the drop in the production of female hormones upsets the balance and "masculinizes" the woman in a way: the distribution of fat changes, the thighs are refined and fat invades the abdomen. Other factors come to reinforce the phenomenon: constipation, very frequent already during the life of the women is more important with age. Bloating can further increase the feeling of abdominal swelling. To overcome it: drink lots of water but avoid carbonated drinks,

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