Does it bug you that your man will turn his head faster than a rabbit being chased by a dog; almost causing himself whiplash when it comes to something that grabs his fancy? However, you would never get caught while looking at some yummy piece of eye candy (and yes we all do it, not matter who we are, after all, only human). How is that possible? Is it because we are more sensitive to our partner’s feelings or is it because we are more refined in our behaviour as ladies?
Well it turns out that women have eyes in the back of their heads...well almost. We, as women, have been blessed with not only having a greater variety of cones in our retinas than men; we also have a wider peripheral vision than they do. Our brain software allows us to receive an arc of at least 45 degrees of clear vision to each side of us and above and below our noses. In many of us it can be as effective as up to 180 degrees!
A man’s eyes are larger than a woman’s and his brain configures his eyes for longer distances; basically a tunnel vision. Thus it is as though he has a pair of binoculars built in and, like binoculars, he can basically only see what is in front of his eyes.
Our bodies have yet to catch up from our lives in the stone age. Men had to be out hunting for food and thus be able to spot and pursue targets from a great distance. Women as the “nest defenders” needed the greater peripheral vision for protecting the home from sneaky predators.
So ladies, please understand this information before you try to send your man into the refrigerator or cupboards to find something that may not be directly in front of his face, and men, fair warning – we will see those wandering eyes.

Lynnette Vetsch
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Lynnette Vetsch; the Director of Amaxa Coaching and Training Services; comes to you professionally trained and bringing over 13 years of experience in Group Facilitation and Design, Counseling and Coaching. She is a certified Master Level Relationship Coach specializing in the areas of communication, anger and stress within the relationship.

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