What makes men afraid of commitment? Even if different reasons can be given with the question above, how really a man say that he's not into commitment? Why does fear related to all men who are not yet ready for commitment despite stable job and right age?Why do they need to enter into a relationship and ended up hurting the partner because of fear of commitment? Why is it hard to understand the fear of men from commitment?

Getting afraid of commitment is one of the most common fears that affect majority of people in their lives.This kind of fear can have a great impact on people’s career and as to how they become promoted. A disturbed mind is commonly felt by persons with this kind of fear because what they usually feel is that they are being trapped in one situation, helpless and afraid.

Since men are coward when it comes to commitment, they are being considered the active avoider. The term also means that between man and woman, the woman asks and demands for more in the relationship while the man is just passive and wants nothing but LESS in the relationship. They are more likely to withhold on their emotions and they begin to make problems in the relationship to find their way out. They are also making boundaries and limitations for closeness and intimacy. This fear of commitment is common, but for the person to know that he has it, it will actually take time where you have tried many relationships and failed. Men with such strange fear are often misunderstood. As such, it is very important to know especially women out there the reasons why men choose not to commit:

1. Past bad experience. This is actually one of the major factors not only for men afraid of commitment but also for fear of commitment in general. Such experience is mostly about multiple failed relationships.So, what actually happens here is that trust is slowly broken until it comes to a point that you are afraid of committing.Getting themselves involved in the relationship will make the situation harder for them.

2. The idea of ONE WOMAN syndrome.Naturally, men are capable of trying lots of girls at the same time.Men cannot actually deny it, they always love to date many women possible.So facing a COMMITMENT can make them go crazy because of fear that it's the end of dating multiple girls.

3. Lack of personal freedom. This is very true to all and majority of people are getting practical these days.As practicality is common, people are very much particular in securing their own needs first before they can settle into a long term relationship. They do not want anyone to mind and control their own lives and even their behaviors. So commitment for them feels like being in control by others that's why it's a NO-NO for them.

4. They are inferior.Men are used to be inferior which is actually not a good attitude. Men are afraid that if they express their love and desire for the women, the women might not be satisfied of how men express themselves.

5. Money issues. When it comes to money problems, men are actually high in pride and they are actually living with it. Such pride indicates that men do not want to ask for help, men make it a point that they can provide everything for the women and for the family. Thus, when men are not financially stable, they never dare to commit into a long term relationship.

Men afraid of commitment find so many excusable and inexcusable reasons not to dwell on being involved in a relationship. But it's not healthy anymore as you are hiding your true you through your reasons.The only person to help you the most is none but YOU. Have some time to think about the reasons and how fear started. Remember, relationship is all about comfort and love and not about being trapped. Start to establish friendship because love starts always with friendship. Being with yourself is also being true to the friendship. As such, you feel wholly accepted as who you are.

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