Mediums who are clairaudient are not seen as often as some other types of mediums and psychics. Clairaudience is the ability of psychic hearing. The individuals who display powers of clairaudience can “hear” things from other spirit forms from other dimensions.
Being able to communicate with the dead and with angels, spirits, and other dimensions is the type of power that psychics and mediums possess. In order for the professional mediums to hear what the spirits from other dimensions have to say, the psychics sometimes go into a trance like state. While they are in the trance they can hear the voices of other dimensions just as surely as you can hear the person next to you speaking.
Some of these mediums will hear what these beings have to say to them when they are in their sleep. Dream states are close to being trances so the psychics often receive messages and signals when they are in dream states.
Sometimes the mediums will have a spirit that follows them around trying to get a message across to someone. This is especially true when the spirit is of someone that died a violent death and wants the person that caused their death to be punished. The spirit attaches to mediums who are clairaudient in the hopes of making the medium get someone to pay attention to the plight of the spirit. They can be relentless in their pursuits of justice and they can drive the person that can hear them almost insane.
In order to determine if you may have the gift of clairaudience sit in a room that is void of external noises and stimulation. This means no television, radio, and you even want to avoid the noises that come from ticking clocks, air conditioning units, and fans.
Close your eyes and concentrate on only what you can hear. At first you will only hear the sound of your own breathing, but as time passes you will begin to hear voices or sounds that were not discernible before.
Concentrate on the things you are now hearing and try to focus on just one thing. Allow the sounds you hear to take over and to dominate your thoughts, and the rest of your senses.
Many more people would know that they had the ability to hear things from other dimensions if they took the time to relax, calm their breathing, and listen. We are so busy making noises that we overpower the noises that other beings are making. You may be surprised what you can hear if you try.

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Rachel Ann writes for the metaphysical industry promoting a personal pathway of exploration via the use of energy readers such as psychics, mediums, astrologers and tarot readers.