Recently, several changes have come to my life. In fact, I had to make some changes because I was on the brink. Have you ever heard of people who have just changed their life? That's my case!

I had fits of anxiety, insomnia, constantly in a destructive ambivalence about whether I was in the right place. Despite a husband and a daughter in good health and resplendent with happiness, a well-paid job and a beautiful house, I felt like I was not in the life I wanted when I was little. I lived in a situation that was difficult to explain, since despite having everything to be happy, I was not. So I resigned myself to accepting my life despite everything, trying to convince myself that it was only a black period that was about to pass, but after a year of no longer sleeping and going to work pretending to to be happy, to negotiate with my husband to give him more attention and love and above all, to invent reasons to get away from him, I ended up getting sick. And that's when I decided to change things. I was not yet 30 years old and I was too young to tell me that the good years were behind me.

I separated, moved and changed jobs, all within 3 months. I began to meditate and yoga, and reconnect with my inner self and especially, reconnecting with the present moment. I developed the habit of frequently asking myself what were my feelings of the moment in order to be completely connected with my mind. My body has adapted to the physical changes provided by the well-being of yoga and meditation helps me sleep. I bought a nice house with a course and I built a garden. I also decided to invest in a personal space that would be only mine; even my daughter did not have access. In this "bunkie", which I laid out at the back of my garden, I practice yoga and meditation. This is my personal space and now, just getting in there or thinking about that time of day when I go for a walk filled with energy and well-being. Thanks to these small details, I feel that I have made the right decisions and finally at peace with myself. I finally feel like where I wanted to be.

I have no regrets for making the decisions I made. Although for me, marriage is a sacred institution and it should be given all the importance it deserves, and do not forget to listen to and especially not to inflict a life that we do not want. We have only one life to live, so let us take care of ourselves and give ourselves the grace and especially the right to be happy and make the decisions that will give us a brighter future.

Author's Bio: 

With a master’s degree in marketing and working as a copywriter and editor for her own, Veronique has been working in the media field for more than 7 years. Mother of a 9-year-old girl, she undertakes her personal and professional projects with only one goal: never to give up. Perseverance is her highest quality and she loves to share her advice and empowering the people around her.