A miasma is an unpleasant or unhealthy smell or vapor. Media has a moral obligation to tell the truth, and there is so much that they are silent about that an odor of something dead is recognized by many who decry their white outs.

If knowing the truth makes us free (an odd motto for libraries that have huge sections of fiction that's like a junk-food diet for young minds) then failing to convey the truth will make us slaves, as most of the US is to healthcare (falsely so-called of medical care with prescription drugs), education (poorly done in many cases, but a good reason for taxation) and welfare (also falsely named as a form of bondage).

Early Americans knew nothing of the above and lived better than our dumbed-down society where illegals have more benefits and rights than those who work and pay taxes-what a fiasco that leaders have allowed as they accept donations from drug companies for their re-election, never mind that drugs are a leading cause of illness, disability and death.

'Go along to get along' seems to be Congress' method of operation. It reminds us of Nero's fiddling while Rome was burning. We should consider Christ's warning when He was asked about the end of the world.

"Learn a parable of a fig tree." It was about a tree with many leaves but it had no fruit. Christ cursed it as an acted parable of the Jewish nation then, but its lesson for our time suggests that we, like they, have had great light, but we've turned from it to pander after baser instincts.

"The handwriting is on the wall" reflects the last night in Babylon before its fall, but America should read the handwriting in the unwillingness of the Obama Administration to prosecute the many criminal acts of someone who could also tell on Obama if she were called to give account; so it's mutual collaboration.

May God deliver us from such a mess! He probably will in a way that will take more faith than those who think they will be raptured can get from wishful thinking on misunderstood passages.

The pope has no good answers; his church has had the upper hand in the politics of every nation south of our border for centuries where Communism is flourishing in the face of their ignorance.

Why are all those people wanting to come to America, the only nation with a Protestant Constitution that says not to respect any religious institution, of which the pope's encyclical, Laudato Si' is a bad example.

Paragraph 237 has respect for Sunday, a day that has no biblical support. The apostles worshiped "every Sabbath" with only one mention of the "first day" in the book of Acts when Paul was leaving on a trip. If readers find a passage that seems to imply otherwise, thank catholic translators [little 'c' means universal].

The Bible says God doesn't change; neither does the day He chose to memorialize Creation in the 4th Commandment, now banned in government [catholic/universal] schools that also teach immorality.

The educational motto of "Back to Basics" is a good one, and it should include the Bible as basic reading at news time when the media are ignoring real issues. Like the cornflake ad, taste it again for the 1st time. There's a good reason why America became great. How well do we understand the all-time best-seller?

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Richard Ruhling, MD, MPH is a retired physician, author of Why You Shouldn't Ask Your Doctor and ebooks with mostly 5-star reviews on Amazon and numerous websites linked at RichardRuhling.com